MSF: Cosmo ISO-8

There are several ISO-8 options for MSF’s Cosmo, however, we recommend that you use the Skirmisher class to gain additional Focus.

Agents of S.T.R.I.KE have been called to assemble squads of heroes and villains to defeat Ultimus Legions in this adventurous video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF). You can procure numerous characters with unique abilities in the game.

One of the characters that you can collect is Cosmo, but players are curious to know what ISO-8 class she should use.

Who is Cosmo?

MSF recently revealed that players can add Cosmo, a Golden Retriever-Labrador mix dog, to their collection.

As part of the space program, Cosmo was launched into space, where she was exposed to cosmic rays. Because of the exposure, she obtained psionic powers.

Although you can use Cosmo in any team, she performs best as a supporting character for the Knowhere team.

She functions as the team’s guard dog by using her high focus and health statistics to ward off negative effects. Cosmo can also clear enemies’ positive effects and provide her team with powerful heals.

MSF: Cosmo ISO-8

Since there are several ISO-8 classes available in MSF, it can be difficult to determine which class you should assign to your characters, especially new characters like Cosmo.

There are several good ISO-8 options, but we believe that the Skirmisher class will be the most effective.

When you assign the Skirmisher class to Cosmo, she will benefit from an additional Focus, which will increase her probability of applying negative effects to any opponent that attacks her. Her Ultimate Skill is essential, as it removes all positive effects from opponents.

During an Alliance War, the additional focus from Star-Lord will help, which means that a Skirmisher Cosmo may not be necessary for the aforementioned features.

However, if you are not planning to use Cosmo in a War, you should use the Skirmisher class.

Alternatively, you can assign the Raider class. If Cosmo can flip positives on her enemies and throw debuffs on attackers without the help of additional focus, the Raider class is an interesting and reasonable choice.

Due to her Special skill, Cosmo is able to attack multiple targets, but the additional chance for Vulnerability is always a good option.

If you want to use Cosmo for Alliance Wars, we recommend that you use the Raider class, as it is better to have an additional chance for Vulnerability when extra Focus is not needed. You can also use the Healer class.

Cosmo takes on the Support role,  meaning that the Healer class will provide additional healing and security for her team.

MSF: Cosmo ISO-8

Cosmo’s skills

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Cosmo features a unique set of skills:

Skill Description
Ruff ‘Em Up
  • Clears 2 negative effects from self
  • Attacks target for 360 percent damage and clears 2 positive effects
  • Cosmo has a 50 percent chance to revive a dead Korg ally with 10 percent maximum health
Go Fetch
  • Attacks target and adjacent targets for 400 percent damage and clears all positive effects
  • Clear 2 Bleed and 2 random negative effects from self and all allies
  • Heals the most injured ally for 20 percent of this character’s max health
  • Apply 1 Deflect, up to a maximum of 5, to self and all Knowhere allies
  • It fills Cosmo and all Knowhere allies’ speed bars by 5 percent
  • Clears all negative effects from self and all allies
  • Clear all positive effects from all enemies
  • Heals self and all allies for 25 percent of her maximum health
  • Applies a barrier on herself and all allies for 10 percent of her maximum health
The Goodest Girl
  • Cosmo gains Immunity on spawn
  • When an enemy attacks her, she applies Offense Down or 2 trunks and Bleed to that character
  • While she has Deflect or Minor Deflect, the critical chances of all enemies are decreased by 50 percent
  • She and her Knowhere ally gain 10 percent Resistance

Knowhere team

Although you can use Cosmo in any team, she excels when she fights alongside her Knowhere allies. The table below lists the Knowhere team members:

Team member Description
Korg He bolsters his allies’ defenses and calls on them for devastating assists
Nova Richard Rider houses the Nova Force to clear enemy defenses and to keep his allies healed through the fight
Star-Lord Peter Quill uses his trusty Terran machine guns to unleash a deadly volley against his enemies
Thor The God of Thunder wields Stormbreaker to face cosmic threats, dealing heavy damage and breaking down enemy Protectors

How to acquire Cosmo

MSF players who are interested in collecting Cosmo can participate in an in-game event. During the event, you will be rewarded with Cosmo shards, which can be used to add Cosmo to your arsenal.

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