MSF: Best minion team

The best minion team in MSF depends on the activity you are interested in enjoying, which makes it complicated to say what the best team is.

In Marvel Strike Force, you can step into the fictitious Marvel Universe to protect it from enemies. In addition to collecting and playing with superheroes and supervillains, you can acquire characters that have the minion trait.

Since there are so many characters with that trait, players wonder what the best minion team is for Death Scourge.

Death Scourge

Apocalypse is an immortal mutant who believes in survival of the fittest above all else. After returning to Earth, he endeavours to find his new 4 Horsemen so that he can exact revenge on Earth’s Protector.

To celebrate the arrival of each of the Death Seed team members, MSF hosted several Scourge events.

During the latest Scourge Event, players can acquire the Death Horsemen. To aid you in your missions, you can use minions, which are essentially non-hero characters in MSF.

There are various minions that you can obtain and use, each with unique abilities and skills that can help you defeat enemies.

MSF: Best minion team
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MSF: Best minion team

Although there are numerous minions in MSF, some are considered better than others. Similarly to heroes, you can create minion teams, though some minion teams are more efficient in a specific activity than others.

For this reason, it is impossible to specify which minions make up the perfect team, as it all depends on what activity you are participating in.

For the Death Scourge event, you should use the Ravagers’ minions. You can also use specific Mercenaries to complete your minion team.

The best minion team for Death Scourge can be described as follows:

Team member Description
Ravager Stitcher A spacefaring doctor who prioritizes healing the most severe wounds over those that will merely leave a cool scar
Ravager Bruiser A boarding expert who uses an energy shield to deflect attacks
Ravager Boomer This character is a heavily-armed space pirate who supports his allies with plasma cannon fire
Mercenary Lieutenant A field combat leader who makes allies faster and stronger
Mercenary Riot Guard A tough fighter who draws fire and reduces incoming damage

Although these characters are non-heroes, each of them have unique powers and abilities. Hence, you can create an entire minion team to progress in an event’s missions or to complete the main story campaign.

That being said, players should remember that minion teams are not as strong or powerful as hero teams. This means that you will reach a point where you will no longer be strong enough to defeat enemies with just minions.

MSF: Best minion team
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Death scourge team positioning

Although the team members’ positioning seems insignificant, it can make a big difference. If you are interested in running a Ravagers and Mercenaries minion team, it is advisable that you place Mercenary Riot Guard on the left, with Ravager Bruiser next to him.

When Ravager Stitcher is in the middle, the Mercenary Lieutenant should be next to him. This means that Ravager Boomer should be assigned to the right side of the group.

By using these positions, you will likely complete the nodes quite easily. However, a point will come where your minion team is not strong enough to defeat the enemies.

S.H.I.E.L.D Team vs Death Scourge minion team

Many players have wondered whether they can use a S.H.I.E.L.D team instead of the Death Scourge minion team. Though the S.H.I.E.L.D team is quite powerful, you should not use them, as they are not strong enough to defeat the enemies at a higher difficulty.

This has caused MSF players to wonder if they could assign the ISO-8 Skirmisher class to some of the S.H.I.E.L.D team members to increase their performance. Unfortunately, the team still struggles to defeat the enemies.

It is therefore recommended that you use the Death Scourge minion team from the beginning of the nodes to defeat the enemies.

Death Scourge minion team abilities

Although minions are non-hero characters, they have abilities which can be used to defeat enemies. Some of the members’ abilities are:

Team member Abilities
Ravager Stitcher Disintegrator: Clear Deathproof from the primary target. It also attacks the primary target for 280 percent piercing damage and applies a heal block
Ravager Bruiser Seasoned Fighter: He gains a 25 percent block chance. On Spawn, he applies a Defence Up to self and all Ravager allies for 2 turns
Ravager Boomer Plasma Blast: Attacks primary target for 340 percent while applying a Slow effect
Mercenary Lieutenant Call the Shots: Apply a Defence Up to all allies and self. It also applies a Speed Up effect on all allies
Mercenary Riot Guard Rampart: Gains Taunt for 1 turn. He also gains a Defence effect for 3 turns and applies a Defence effect to the most injured allies for 1 turn

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