MSF: Death Seed team

In MSF, the Archangel is the leader of the Death Seed team, which comprises Nemesis, Dark Beast, Magneto, and Psylocke.

In this adventurous game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF), players can immerse themselves in the well-renowned Marvel universe and protect the world from enemies.

There are  heroes and villains that you can collect to aid you in your task. Bear in mind that you have to create a team of characters to advance in the game. One of the teams that you can collect is Death Seed.


In early 2022, MSF’s developer, Scopely, announced that the theme for 2022 is the Age of Apocalypse. Apocalypse is an undying mutant who believes in survival of the fittest. Apocalypse wants to rule over those who he deems weak.

Many moons ago, a failed attempt at conquering left him sealed away and dormant in a mystic tomb. However, he was awakened by someone who had plans of their own.

When he returned to Earth, he sought to find his new 4 Horsemen to exact revenge on our planet’s protectors.

Throughout the course of 2022, players could participate in Scourge events to procure the heroes that would make up the 4 Horsemen teams.

MSF: Death Seed team

On 30 November 2022, MSF announced that players will be staring Death in the eyes. In the event, gamers will take a closer look at Archangel, who is Apocalypse’s Death Horseman and his new ally-in-arms, Nemesis.

MSF: Death Seed team
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Archangel is leading the Death Seed team, who will reign of Raid lanes. This team consists of Nemesis, Dark Beast, Magneto, and Psylocke. A description of each character is listed below:

Character Description
Archangel Formerly 1 of the 5 original X-Men, Angel was granted metal wings by Apocalypse and was transformed into Archangel –  the Horseman of Death
Nemesis He is the heir to Apocalypse from a world where mutants dominate humans. Nemesis drains the life force of his enemies before transferring their health to his Death Seed allies.
Dark Beast Dark Beast is a twisted version of Hank McCoy from an alternate universe. He aligned with Apocalypse to experiment on his fellow mutants, which inflicted them with devastating negative Status Effects
Magneto Magneto is the master of magnetic fields. He can shift enemy positions and empower his Brotherhood allies
Psylocke Her psychic abilities can remove negative Status Effects from allies and place them on her enemies

During the Death Scourge event, players can recruit Apocalypse’s Death Horseman, Archangel.

You can power up your Bionic Avengers and Wakandans to earn character shards for this aerial terror. Get your hands on Archangel and his entire Death Seed team to eventually unlock Apocalypse.

Players thus have to collect the Death Seed team during the Death Scourge event to unlock Apocalypse. If you do not collect the whole team, you will not be able to unlock Apocalypse.

How to acquire the Death Seed team

It is noteworthy that every character of the Death Seed can be acquired in different ways. Gamers can get Magento from a specific in-game event, however, you need 5 X-Men or Brotherhood characters to procure him.

While you can get Psylocke by progressing in the campaign mode, she can also be collected from the Milestone 2 orb. Dark Beast, on the other hand, can be collected with blitzing.

It is recommended that you collect these characters while you are waiting for the others to be released. Players can allegedly collect Nemesis during an event campaign in the near future. Archangel can be acquired during the Death Scourge event.

Is it necessary to get the Death Seed team?

Although it may seem like a simple feature to some players, it is vital that you collect every member of the Death Seed team. This is because they may not be available to collect in the future, so you could miss the opportunity to acquire them.

Moreover, if you do not collect them, you will not unlock Apocalypse. It is therefore advisable that you attempt to collect all the Death Seed members in time to unlock the undying mutant.

Death Seed team’s abilities

Similarly to other characters in MSF, the characters of the Death Seed team have unique abilities. Some of their abilities are:

Character Abilities
Archangel Wing Wrath: Attacks the primary target and adjacent target for 300 percent damage
Nemesis Bio- Energy Eruption: Attacks primary and adjacent targets for 250 percent health. The skill also steals 10 percent health from every target
Dark Beast Lethal Substance: It attacks targets for 220 percent damage and applies a bleed effect
Magneto Magnetic Vortex: Pulls all enemies up to 2 spaces toward the primary target before attacking enemies within 2 spaces for 240 percent damage
Psylocke Telekinetic Armament: Attacks primary target for 200 piercing damage while applying bleed for 2 turns. It also chains 5 adjacent targets for 200 piercing damage and applies bleed for 2 turns

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