MSF: Archangel

Marvel Strike Force recently announced the fourth and final Horseman, Archangel, however more details about his set is yet to be revealed.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) you are invited to step into the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect the world from horrific foes.

As its name suggests, the game is based on the classic comic book and movie franchise, Marvel. Therefore, you will encounter similar heroes, super villains, and locations in MSF.

The game launched worldwide in March 2018, and it has since received various themes and updates. The theme for 2022 is the Age of Apocalypse, and with this theme the game contains 4 Horsemen.

MSF’s developer, Scopely, has teased players with who the 4 Horsemen will be, and they recently announced the last member of the team, which is Archangel.

Age of Apocalypse

Apocalypse is an undying immortal who believes in survival of the fittest above all else. He endeavours to rule over those who he considers weak.

Many moons ago, a failed attempt at conquest left him sealed away and dormant in a mystic tomb. However, he was awakened by someone who had plans of their own.

Now that he has returned to Earth, Apocalypse seeks to find his 4 new Horsemen so that he can exact revenge on Earth’s protectors and claim his throne at the center of the multiverse.

The storyline will be unveiled in numerous arcs, with 1 Horseman being released per arc via the Scourge Event.

MSF: Archangel

Each of the Horsemen represents an affliction that will be inflicted upon humanity, namely Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence. The Horsemen can command their own powerful teams, each of which specialise in dominating a specific game mode.

Throughout 2022, Scopely announced the Horsemen. Players now know that Rogue, Red Hulk, and Morgan Le Fay are part of the Age of Apocalypse. The developer recently revealed the last member of the team.

In October 2022, Scopely announced that the fourth and final Horseman of the saga will be none other than the powerful mutant, Archangel. This announcement has made players more curious, and more details will be coming in the near future about his kit.

Marvel Strike Force: Archangel
© MARVEL. MARVEL Strike Force Software © SCOPELY

To celebrate Archangel’s arrival, players can participate in the Death Scourge event, which is expected to arrive with the release of Version 6.6. New Scourges will be released with this version for a fresh challenge to flex players’ theory-crafting strategies.

Like with other Scourge Events, there will be new trait requirements for Difficulty 5+ and Nodes 5 and 10.

Scopely previously announced that Bionic Avenger is the first trait, and the second and final trait is Wakandan. There are 5 playable Wakandans presently, which are about to get some reinforcements.

MSF players can expect more information regarding Archangel in the near future. So you should keep an eye on the official MSF website for further details.


Rogue is a teenage runaway with the uncontrollable mutant power to absorb the memories and abilities of others. Mystic found her and she was indoctrinated into her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

In collaboration with the rest of the Brotherhood, she fought against the X-Men and Avengers until a battle with Captain Marvel pushed her powers to their limit.

She then permanently absorbed Carol Danvers’ super strength, flight, and invulnerability. However, Rogue was shaken by the experience, and she turned to her former enemies for aid.

The X-men helped her to manage her powers and to join their ranks. Since then, she has become a staunch defender of Xavier’s dream and one of the most heroic X-Men.

Red Hulk

General Thaddeus Ross, also known as the Thunderbolt, spent years pursuing the Hulk. His obsession eventually resulted in the death of his daughter, Betty.

Thunderbolt allied himself with the supervillains’ Leader and M.O.D.O.K to seek vengeance against the Hulk, in exchange for bringing Betty back to life.

He used the Hulk’s body and energy to transform into the horrific Red Hulk –  a red-skinned beast with similar size and strength to that of the original Hulk.

However, unlike the Hulk, Ross can consciously transform into the Red Hulk, and he possesses the powers to absorb energy and release fiery Gamma Radiation.

Morgan le Fay

Morgan le Fay is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the history of Nexus Earth. She was born in the sixth Century and studied under the tutelage of the well-renowned magician, Merlin.

Morgan’s time-traveling exploits caused entanglement with some of our planet’s most powerful villains and heroes across time.

She has encountered the Young Avengers, Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Doom. Her magical powers also led her to become the first being that is strong enough to bind a collection of an elder god’s evil spells into a single tome. The tome later became The Darkhold.

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