MSF: Nemesis ISO-8

You can assign a range of different ISO-8 features to Nemesis in MSF, but it is best that you use the Raider ISO-8 class.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), players can step into the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect it from powerful enemies.

You can collect numerous villains and superheroes in MSF, one of which is Nemesis. Since the character was recently introduced to MSF, many players have wondered what his ISO-8 is.

What is ISO-8?

Whether you prefer a more casual approach to your roster or you are a methodical tinkerer of teams, ISO-8  is a new versatile way to add an extra dimension to your characters.

You should note, though, that ISO-8 can be complicated to understand, but simply put, it is a progression system that is somewhat similar to gear.

ISO-8 allows players, for the first time ever, to customise their characters. Outfitting your characters with ISO-8 will give them additional power, boost the capabilities of your current characters, and grant them new abilities.

However, it also allows you to create new team possibilities and to customise your characters based on your playstyle.

MSF: Nemesis ISO-8
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MSF: Nemesis ISO-8

While serving as the previous Horseman of Famine, Autumn Rolfson had an affair with mutant tyrant, Apocalypse, which resulted in the birth of their son, William. He was granted immense power when his mutant powers emerged in the form of bio-furnace energies.

William, now known as Nemesis, agreed to help Archangel cleanse the world, which resulted in confrontations with the likes of Magneto and Psylocke.

MSF: Nemesis ISO-8
© MARVEL. MARVEL Strike Force Software © SCOPELY

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Nemesis can procure an ISO-8. He generally plays the role of support in the Death Seed team, but that does not mean that he should be a healer. In his kit, you will find that he has a lot of healing capabilities.

If he gets attacked, his entire team receives healing. Because of Archangel’s passive, whenever any Death Seed member manages to perform a critical strike, the whole team gets healing. This means that the team does not need additional healing.

It is therefore recommended that you use Nemesis with a Raider ISO-8 class, as  the overall damage output will be better, and the healing should be more than enough as you play with the Dead Seed team.

Simply put, more critical damage results in more healing. That being said, you can equip Nemesis with other ISO-8s, but this is not recommended, as the Raider ISO-8 is a perfect fit for Nemesis’ abilities.

Slotting ISO-8

It is important to note that ISO-8 only unlocks at Commander Level 55. Once you have unlocked the feature, you will gain access to the Isotope-8 campaign, where you can obtain ISO-8 crystals. There are numerous types of Crystals, each of which focuses on a specific attribute.

Once you have procured ISO-8 Crystals, you can equip them to their designated attribute before unlocking and choosing your class. Players can then customise their squads using ISO-8 boosted characters.

You can slot the ISO-8 crystals into Scientist Supreme’s latest invention, the ISO-8 matrix.

ISO-8 matrix

The Iso-8 matrix increases the power of 1 of 5 designated core attributes, namely health, damage, armour, resist, and focus. However, the crystals are also attuned to 1 of the 5 traits, which are blaster, brawler, controller, protector, and support.

Players have to work their way through the Isotope-8 campaign to acquire the required crystals for each character trait. Once you have all of the crystals, you will unlock powerful classes.

Classes are where your theorycrafting and customisation come alive. At the time of writing this, there are 5 classes that you can unlock, namely striker, fortifier, healer, skirmisher, and raider.

How to assign the Raider class to Nemesis

It is clear that unlocking the Raider class is a lengthy process, as you have to acquire all of the crystals for each trait and class to unlock it. Once you have unlocked the Raider class, you can assign it to Nemesis.

To do this, you can click on the center of the ISO-8 Matrix to view your options. For Nemesis, select the Raider class. After selecting the class, you will have the opportunity to select the character.

MSF players can switch between unlocked classes for free at any time, so you should not be hesitant to experiment with the ISO-8 classes for Nemesis.

Similarly to abilities, classes can also be upgraded. However, all ISO8- Crystals need to be at the following level to perform an upgrade. In other words, to upgrade a class from level 1 to level 2, the Crystals have to at least be level 2.

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