Dislyte: Jiang Jiuli

Jiang Jiuli is a unique Esper in Dislyte, as he becomes stronger the more damage he takes on the battlefield.

In a mythology-themed world, you can enjoy turn-based battles in this thrilling mobile game, Dislyte. Regrettably, the world was invaded by an array of enemy races, so in an attempt to defeat them, some of the inhabitants transformed into divine beings with supernatural abilities.

In these dark times, it is your responsibility to create teams that can defeat enemies and restore peace to the world.

When you first start playing Dislyte, you will only have a few characters unlocked. Fortunately, there are various methods you can use to obtain additional characters.

One of the characters you can acquire is Jiang Jiuli, who is inspired by the Chinese mythological god, Chiyou.

How to obtain Jiang Jiuli

Dislyte features a gacha system named Echo, and it enables players to summon characters of different rarities in exchange for gacha currencies. You can acquire these currencies by completing missions, and by completing campaign battles.

The Espers, who are the game’s characters, are divided into different rarities. Some Espers are easier to acquire than others.

Since Jiang Jiuli is a Legendary character, players only have a 1 percent chance of summoning him. However, a Legendary Esper is guaranteed every 120 summons.

That being said, if you summon a Legendary Esper from the gacha system, it will reset any applicable bonus probabilities when seeking your next Legendary character.

Dislyte: Jiang Jiuli

Jiang Jiuli is based on the Chinese mythological god and therefore, they share similar characteristics, appearances and strengths. Jiang Jiuli is a very unique Esper, as he becomes stronger the more damage he takes.

Dislyte: Jiang Jiuli
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Similar to other Espers, Jiang Jiuli features unique abilities and skills he can use on the battlefield. The table below lists Jiang Jiuli’s skills and a description of each:

Ability name Skill type Description
Sky Smash Active skill Jiang Jiuli consumes 20 percent of his maximum health points to attack an enemy. This attack deals 120 percent damage. Each 2 percent of maximum health points lost increases its damage by 1 percent.
Demon Reborn Passive skill Upon taking lethal damage, Jiang Jiuli will enter Demon Mode for 2 turns. It removes all buffs and debuffs from the character. It also restores 20 percent of his max health points.

When Jiang Jiuli is in demon mode, this passive increases his speed by 50 percent, while his base attack and base defenses are increased by 100 percent. After receiving the speed boost, the speed will not exceed that of the unit with the highest speed on the battlefield.  

His attacks also restore health points equal to 30 percent of damage dealt.

When a target takes damage outside of Demon Mode, it shares 15 percent damage with him. Each 5 percent of own max health points lost increases base speed by 2.5 percent, while base attack and defense is increased by 5 percent.

Earth Shatter Active skill Jiang Jiuli consumes 30 percent max health points to attack all enemies. This deals 120 percent attack damage.

However, each 2 percent of max health points lost increases his damage by 1 percent. This skill also taunts all enemies for 1 turn.

In addition to these skills, Jiang Jiuli also has a captain ability, which increases ally attack in Holobattle by 40 percent. In order to activate this skill, Jiang Jiuli has to be the captain of the team.

Jiang Jiuli’s sets

There are numerous sets you can acquire in Dislyte, however some sets are considered a better fit for Jiang Jiuli than others. The table below lists Jiang Jiuli’s recommended sets:

Set name Number of pieces Description
War Machine 4 pieces It increases Jiang Jiuli’s attack by 30 percent.
Master Grove 2 pieces This set increases Jiang Jiuli’s health points by 25 percent.
Hades 4 pieces 35 percent of Jiang Jiuli’s damage dealt is used to regenerate his health points.
Sword Avatara 2 pieces When equipped, Jiang Jiuli has a 25 percent chance of using the basic ability to counterattack when taking damage.

Recommended Resonance for Jiang Jiuli

Although you can use any Resonance for Jiang Jiuli, it is advisable that you use the following:

  • Deathly Cinders: When an ally dies, Jiang Jiuli’s critical damage is increased by 8 percent.
  • Divine Strike: After casting a non-basic ability, the following basic ability’s damage receives a 6 percent damage dealt increase.
  • Preemptive Attack: When using his ability for the first time in each battle, his damage dealt is increased by 6 percent.
  • Rampage Pursuit: Attacking a target whose health points is below 50 percent, Jiang Jiuli’s damage is increased by 3 percent.
  • Life Snatcher: When an enemy dies, Jiang Jiuli’s basic attack is increased by 4 percent.
  • Life Blast: If Jiang Jiuli’s target has more health points than him when attacking, his critical rate is increased by 4 percent.

Which Relic statistics should you use for Jiang Jiuli?

Now that you know which sets you should use for Jiang Jiuli, you have to consider which Relic statistics you should equip him with. It is recommended that you use Una II: Attack or Critical Rate as well as Una IV: attack.

For the final Relic stat, players can use Mui II: attack. Once you have these stats in place, Jiang Jiuli will be a powerful Esper on the battlefield.

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