Dislyte: Fu Shi

Although many Dislyte players are hopeful that Fu Shi will be released as a playable character, this is yet to be confirmed by the developers.

In this modern, mythological mobile game, Dislyte, you can participate in turn-based battles against horrific foes. To aid you in this mission, ordinary inhabitants of a persistent world transformed into divine beings with unique talents.

There are numerous characters, otherwise referred to as Espers, that you can procure in Dislyte. One of these Espers is Fu Shi.

Fu Shi’s mythology

All the Espers in Dislyte are based on a specific mythological character. Fu Shi was inspired by the Chinese mythological character, Suanni. Suanni is the 8th son of the nine legendary sons of the dragon.

He is depicted as a lion-shaped mouth dragon, sitting calmly and observing his surroundings. His body is covered with flames and is usually painted gold. Suanni is believed to be the guardian of knowledge and the dragon god of wisdom.

According to the legend, villagers sent the Dragon King a message to complaining about his son, who, according to them, was doing nothing all day long except sitting and playing with fire.

The Dragon King went to inspect this rumour and noticed that his son was explaining the importance of fire and its eternal spirit to the children.

Dislyte: Fu Shi

Unfortunately, Dislyte’s developer, Farlight Games, has yet to announce Fu Shi’s arrival in the game. This essentially means that Fu Shi is not available for collection yet.

However, several players have shared their excitement on the official Discord server, as they expect Fu Shi to be added to the game in the near future.

Before becoming an Esper, Fu Shi was Embla’s boyfriend and assistant. While working for the Esper Union with her, he tried his best to support her in any way a mortal could. But in the end, he could not stop her mental decay.

Fu Shi joined Hyde and the Shadow Decree in the hopes of finding a way to restore Embla’s former self. Although the developers are yet to confirm Fu Shi’s arrival in the game, they released Embla as a collectable character in patch 3.2.

Embla’s release as an Esper could be foreshadowing that Fu Shi will also be added to the game in the future. Although this is unconfirmed, many players assume that Fu Shi will be added to the game in the following update.

Since Fu Shi is yet to be released, his skills, abilities, and recommended sets are unknown. If you are interested in Fu Shi’s kit, it is advisable that you check the official Dislyte website regularly, as all patch notes and official information is released on the website.

When will Fu Shi be added to the game?

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing if and when Fu Shi will be added to Dislyte. However, numerous gamers assume that he will be added to the game in the following update.

The developers  update Dislyte regularly to fix errors and to add new Espers to the game.

When they release Fu Shi, you will be able to read about his history, skills, and resonance in the official patch notes. It is unknown when the next Dislyte update will be, but the developers generally share the exact date and time of the update before it occurs.

How to obtain Fu Shi

In order to celebrate the arrival of a new Esper, the game hosts a limited-banner event. We assume that the developers will follow the same principle when Fu Shi is added to the game.

Since Dislyte is a gacha-based game, you have to collect a specific currency before you can pull for an Esper at the Echo activity.

Moreover, since new Espers are featured in limited-time banners, you will have a bigger chance at acquiring Fu Shi from the banner.

It is noteworthy that the banner will eventually be removed from the game, though, and if you did not acquire Fu Shi from the banner, you will have to pull at a normal banner to possibly procure him.

You should note that your chances of acquiring Fu Shi from a normal banner are significantly lower. Therefore, we recommend that you pull on the limited-time banner as much as possible to get Fu Shi.

Is Fu Shi in Dislyte’s storyline?

There are several storylines and activities in Dislyte. During Embla’s bounties, you will come across Fu Shi. However, instead of being a playable character, he is one of the main characters in the storyline.

Since players have had a taste of Fu Shi, they are very hopeful that he will be released as a playable character. But this is yet to be confirmed by Farlight Games.

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