Dislyte: Sunken Viper

During the third phase of Dislyte’s Celestial Anomaly, players have to face the Sunken Viper with a team of Tide Callers.

Dislyte is an exciting video game that invites players to fight alongside powerful characters who are based on mythological gods.

It is up to you to form teams that comprise a variety of characters to fight enemies in a turn-based battle.

One of the foes that you can slay is the Sunken Viper.

Dislyte: Sunken Viper

Dislyte Patch 3.2.4 was announced in May 2023, and it introduced a new activity called the Celestial Anomaly.

In this, activity players have to slay a variety of bosses to earn rich rewards. One of the bosses that you have to defeat is the Sunken Viper.

The Sunken Viper form of Chimera symbolizes a devastating flood and because of it, life-nourishing water transforms into a destructive flood which destroys everything in its sight.

This enemy has infinite health points and a Counterflow effect which cannot be dispelled. Players should also remember that it casts its abilities in a designated order.

At the beginning of every round, the Sunken Viper upgrades Monstrous Frenzy to a certain level.

During Celestial Anomaly, Tide Caller Espers can trigger Tide Note effects more efficiently when they attack the enemy. Every time Tide Note reaches 100 stacks, the Monstrous Frenzy level is decreased by 1.

Dislyte: Sunken Viper
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Monstrous Frenzy

Level 0 Monstrous Frenzy will not be cast but will weaken Sunken Viper. Otherwise, the effect will deal massive damage to your Espers across the battlefield.

Regardless of whether the enemy has been Weakened or has cast Monstrous Frenzy, the level cap of the ability will increase from the beginning of the new round until the end of combat.

Whenever Sunken Viper takes a hit, the Counterflow reduces the damage taken by a certain value. Furthermore, it inflicts Snake Venom on the attacker, which deals damage.

Celestial Anomaly

Players can unlock this activity once they have completed Story Chapters 12-16 on Purgatory mode. The theme of the first season of Celestial Anomaly is the Withering Flame, which consists of 3 phases.

The Celestial Anomaly features Combat, Power Supply, Advanced Strategy, Emergency Request, Strategic Fund and Event Tasks.

By participating in these activities, players can collect the limited Esper, Yamato and the non-shipper Legendary Esper, Ripples. You can also earn Shimmer Records and other growth materials.

Which Espers should you use?

Players should essentially use Tide Caller Espers and Espers which are capable of performing single-target single-hit attacks to inflict multiple debuffs to trigger Tide Note effects.

Though Dislyte gamers should avoid getting inflicted with the Snake Venom.

We therefore recommend that you create a team that consists of Valeria, Embla, Ollie, Brewster and Clara. However, you can also use Tevor, JYY, Stewart, Sander, Asenath and Unky Chai.

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