Dislyte: Gacha rate

Players can acquire additional Espers through the gacha system, however, it has unique gacha rates which are determined by a hero’s rarity and attribute.

Dislyte is an exciting mobile game that invites you to experience turn-based battles in a modern, mythological world.

Regrettably, the world was seized by horrific creatures, so in an attempt to defeat them, ordinary people transformed into divine beings with unique powers.

In these dark times, it is your responsibility to restore tranquillity to the world by defeating the enemies. The futuristic game offers players stylish content with brilliantly illustrated stories of heroes, otherwise called Espers.

Every Esper is created in the likeness of a past mythological god from across the world and as such, they take on varying appearances and have unique personalities. The gods also gave shape to Espers’ talents, abilities, and powers.

How to acquire an Esper

Espers can be procured using various methods, but the most is through the in-game gacha feature called Echo.

This is the summoning system that enables players to summon different rarities of Espers using a range of summoning currencies. These summoning currencies can be acquired as you progress in the game.

Echo contains 3 banners, namely the beginners benefits banner, the normal banner, and the rate-up banner. Keep in mind that only new players can benefit from the beginner banner, and it guarantees them 1 Legendary Esper.

You can summon any 3-star to 5-star hero from the normal banner, which is active at all times. The Rate-Up banner usually offers a specific Esper whose drop rate is increased, and it is only active for a specific duration.

Dislyte: Gacha rate

The gacha rate, also known as a drop rate, is a common but unofficial term used by gamers to denote the expected average amount of a given item in relation to all items granted by a random game process.

It essentially refers to a player’s chances of obtaining a specific item from a gacha or summoning system.

Dislyte: Gacha rate
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The gacha rate is usually determined by numerous factors such as an Esper’s rarity and attributes. The table below highlights the corresponding drop rates according to an Esper’s rarity:

Rarity Gacha rate
Uncommon Esper 95 percent
Rare Esper 90 percent
Epic Esper 9 percent
Legendary Esper 1 percent

While the following table outlines the drop rates for each Element:

Element Drop rate
Shimmer 7 percent
Inferno 31 percent
Wind 31 percent
Flow 31 percent

Since your chance to summon an Epic and Legendary Esper is extremely low, the game implemented pity systems. The Soft Pity system guarantees that players receive at least one Epic Esper within 20 summons.

This means that if you did not get an Epic Esper for 19 summons, the next summon is guaranteed to be an Epic Esper.

While the Hard Pity system promises that you will get a Legendary Esper within 121 summons, if you do not get a Legendary hero in the first 120 summons, you will receive one in the following summons.

Dislyte players should note that these systems restart every time you receive a Legendary or Epic Esper. In other words, if you have pulled 15 times, but the sixteenth summon is an Epic Esper, the Soft Pity summon resets. You will thus restart the pity system counter.

What are the different currencies?

There are currently 2 summoning currencies, each of which summons different Espers. Silver Records have the probability of summoning only Uncommon and Rare Espers, while Gold Records can summon Rare, Epic, and Legendary Espers. Many players choose to rather use Gold Records as the Espers summoned are of a higher rarity.

There are different methods players can use to obtain Gold Records, such as purchasing them in the in-game shop. A Gold Record costs approximately 200 000 Gold, but you can also purchase them in the Tournament, Cube and Plaze shop.

Players can allegedly receive Gold Records as rewards for participating in the Cube Miracle, and upon completing Bounties.

Dislyte: Gacha rate
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What should you do with your extra Espers?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will not receive an Esper you already have. Some players might think that it is a waste of a Gold or Silver Record, however, they can feed the duplicate Esper to the primary Esper to increase their statistics.

In other words, you are not wasting your records by summoning an Esper you already collected.

What are fodders?

During the early stages of the game, you mostly obtain Uncommon Espers through the Silver Records. These Espers are not strong and are mostly used to upgrade other Espers.

It is advised that you do not invest a lot of time and resources into these heroes. Instead, they should be sacrificed to improve Espers of other rarities.

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