Dislyte: Holobattle

The Holobattle in Dislyte is a fun player-versus-player gaming mode, but you have to be part of a club to participate in it.

Gamers are invited to immerse themselves in this modern, mythological mobile game, Dislyte. Unfortunately, wicked enemies have taken over the fictional world, so ordinary inhabitants transformed into god-like beings in an attempt to defeat them. In these dark times, it is your responsibility to fight alongside heroes to restore peace to the world.

In this futuristic game, you can collect several heroes, otherwise referred to as Espers. There are numerous activities you can participate in once you have completed the tutorial mission. You can progress in the main storyline, fight powerful monsters, join clans, and defeat other players in a player-versus-player (PvP) gaming mode.

What is a club?

A club in Dislyte is similar to guilds or clans in other role-playing titles. It is a place where players can gather and work as a team to complete tasks. It is worth noting that some activities and tasks are exclusive to club members, which essentially means that you cannot participate in these tasks if you are not in a club.

Club members have access to 3 special daily club tasks, but these tasks do not carry over to the next day. It is recommended that you complete these tasks as you can earn great rewards, which can influence your gameplay. Additionally, you can complete a weekly club task where you need to work with other club members to complete the task at hand.

Dislyte: Holobattle

One of the club activities you can enjoy is the Holobattle, but you only gain access to it once your character has reached level 30. Clubs can sign up for the Holobattle every Sunday, but they must have members that are willing to participate in the battle.

Dislyte: Holobattle
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Players can sign up for the event by setting up their defensive formation. If the club does not have 25 members voluntarily signed up, the Clubmaster and Deputy Clubmaster can select members to participate. A club must have at least 10 members to qualify for a Holobattle.

If after signing up, more than 10 members are participating, the club will enter the matchmaking phase. However, if the number of participating members is below 10, the club will drop out of the event. Clubs are matched with suitable opponents on a Monday. A total of 3 matches are made every week, and the club score fluctuates depending on match results.

Clubmasters should keep in mind that they cannot change the club’s Holobattle participants once the battle stage has begun. Before a match, participating members get 3 Holobattle Certificates that can be used to attack any enemy Holopoints. You also receive Holo Cup Score points for your club, and the sooner you destroy a Holopoint, the more points you earn.

Fallen Espers in attacking formations cannot be used again in the same match to attack an enemy Holopoint. Furthermore, you cannot attack the same enemy repeatedly.

Holobattle rules

A club wins the match when they have reached a certain Holo Club Score within 48 hours. If the club wins a match, its participants are rewarded based on their Holo Cup Score rankings for the specific match. Only those who earned points through attacking are rewarded.

If the club loses a match, no rewards are issued. When all 3 matches have concluded, the weekly results are calculated and participants receive their club ranking rewards.

Holobattle rankings

There are 2 leaderboards for the Holobattle, namely the player leaderboard and the club leaderboard. Players are ranked based on their individual Holopoint Scores in a match, but score rankings are reset every match.

If you win a match, you get rewards through in-game mail based on the player leaderboard. It is worth noting that higher ranks grant players more rewards. All participating clubs are ranked based on their club score when the Holobattle weekly results are released.

All members of the club, whether they participated or not, get the same rewards.

How to join a club

As previously mentioned, you need to be part of a club to participate in the Holobattle activity. Players can either create their own club or apply to be part of an already existing club. In order to join a club, you can go to the club menu, which indicates a list of available clubs, or you can search for a club’s name or identification number.

Alternatively, you can create a club by going to the “Club” tab, where you can fill out the required fields. Keep in mind that creating a club costs approximately 500 Nexus Crystals.

Which Espers should you use for a Holobattle?

You can use any Esper to compete in a Holobattle. That being said, you get the opportunity to create a formation before a battle. The formation usually consists of 3 Espers, and it is advised that you pick a healing hero, a high damage hero, and a hero that can take a lot of damage for your formation.

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