Axie Infinity Energy guide

Energy is one of the fundamental pillars in Axie Infinity, as players will not receive any rewards or experience points without it; however, Energy is refilled every day.

Axie Infinity is a popular Pokémon-inspired video game. Players can earn tokens through contributions to the ecosystem, or through skilled gameplay. The game invites players to collect, raise, trade, breed, battle and build a kingdom for their pets called Axies.

Axies are powerful creatures that love to battle, build and hunt for treasures. Since it is a non-fungible token (NFT) game, players can earn Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. The obtainable in-game currencies are Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP).

Players can choose to participate in two different gaming modes, such as Arena Mode and Adventure Mode. Arena Mode is player-versus-player (PvP) based and consists of different matches, while Adventure Mode is player-versus-environment (PvE) based and features multiple levels with increasing difficulty. In the game, players will come across various important resources, one of which is Energy.

What is Energy?

Whether players are new to Axie Infinity or are already veteran players, they should all know that one of the pillars for playing the game and maximizing profits is Energy. The amount of Energy players have will indicate how many times they can play in order to earn SLP or experience. It is important to note that the reward depends on the game mode.

Players can discover how many Energy points they currently have by going to the main menu. This will also indicate when players will receive new Energy points.

When a player first starts to play Axie Infinity, they will receive 20 Energy points per day. Once a player enters Adventure or Arena Mode, an Energy point will be consumed whether the player was successful or not.

The amount of Energy players receive prevents players from earning too much SLPs, as it can be very bad for the in-game economy. Even though there is an Energy limit, players are still able to increase the amount of Energy they receive per day.

How to increase Energy

Players are able to increase their number of daily Energy by obtaining more Axies. Once players gain more Energy, they will be able to earn more experience points and Smooth Love Potions in a single day. It is thus clear that the more Axies a player owns, the more Energy they will receive. The following table indicates the amount of Energy a player can receive if they have a certain number of Axies:

Number of Axies Energy obtained every day
3 – 9 Axies 20 Energy
10 – 19 Axies 40 Energy
More than 20 Axies 60 Energy

How does the Energy system work?

It is important to note that if a player has used up all of their Energy points, they will still be able to participate in Arena or Adventure Mode. However, they will not be able to obtain any experience points or rewards. If players fail at an Adventure Mode level, or lose in an Arena Match, an Energy point will still be consumed.

Players should thus ensure that they will be able to complete the level or win the match if they enter either of the gaming modes. Otherwise, an Energy point will be wasted.

If players enter Adventure Mode with Energy, they will be able to obtain up to 100 SLP per day and their Axies will gain experience. However, if players complete Adventure levels without Energy, they will only gain SLPs.

While in Arena Mode, if players play with Energy, they will be rewarded with SLPs for every win while climbing positions in the leader board. However, if players play without Energy, they will only be able to rise in rank and not receive any SLPs as a reward.

How to use Energy effectively

It is recommended that players find their ‘comfort levels’ in Adventure Mode. Comfort levels are levels that players will be able to easily win and not waste an Energy point. However, comfort levels differ from player to player, as it depends on the Axie team.

Players should find the highest Ruin level that they will be able to complete without dying. Players will eventually reach a point where they can spam a certain level, which allows players to gain as many SLPs as possible.

Once players have obtained the maximum SLPs, it is recommended that they participate in Arena Mode. This ensures that players will not waste Energy, and players have a chance at obtaining SLPs if they win a match.

Players can repeat this strategy until they reach Ruin level 21. Completing this level will reward the player with 200 SLPs. However, the whole process can take two weeks before Axie Infinity becomes ‘easier’.

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  1. “if players complete Adventure levels without Energy, they will only gain SLPs.” This is wrong. Players would only earn experience if they play adventure without energy. But this is old news now. Since season 20 started, SLP farming from playing adventure is disabled.


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