STFC: Assimilated Scouts

Commanders need to construct the USS Voyager in STFC in order to reveal the Assimilated Scout hostiles in various systems.

As you progress in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you will come across a range of enemies, one of which is Assimilated Scouts.

Keep in mind though that there are different faction-Assimilated Scouts, which means that you will find Assimilated Federation Scouts as well as Assimilated Klingon Scouts and Assimilated Romulan Scouts.

STFC recently hosted an in-game event in which Commanders were required to defeat various opponents, including Assimilated Scouts, in order to score points.

Although the event concluded, several players noted on the official STFC Discord channel that finding and defeating the Assimilated Scouts was quite difficult to do.

Commanders should note that they will only be able to find the Assimilated Scouts when they have constructed the USS Voyager. This is because this ship’s active ability, Advanced Sensors, allows the vessel to expose ships that evade regular sensors.

STFC: Assimilated Scouts
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Once you have constructed the USS Voyager, you should note that you need to send your ship to specific systems to find the Assimilated Scouts.

These enemies do not spawn in every system in STFC, therefore you have to travel to those systems before you can use the Voyager’s Advanced Sensors to reveal them.

Similarly to other enemies in STFC, there are varying levels of the Assimilated Scouts. That being said, the hostile’s level determines its spawn location.

That specific level of Assimilated Scout will not appear in any other system, so we recommend that you decide which level Assimilated Scout you want to vanquish before traveling to a system.

Assimilated Scout locations

If you are interested in vanquishing a specific faction and level Assimilated Scout, you can consider the following information:

Name Level System
Assimilated Federation Scout 39 Shal’ika
Assimilated Federation Scout 45 Misalup
Assimilated Federation Scout 54 Neara
Assimilated Klingon Scout 39 Shal’ika
Assimilated Klingon Scout 45 Misalup
Assimilated Klingon Scout 54 Neara
Assimilated Romulan Scout 39 Shal’ika
Assimilated Romulan Scout 45 Misalup
Assimilated Romulan Scout 54 Neara

What to do if you cannot find an Assimilated Scout

The Voyager simply reveals the location of the Assimilated Scouts, and it does not summon Assimilated Scouts.

If you are in one of the above-mentioned systems and you use the vessel’s active ability, there is a chance that you will not find an Assimilated Scout.

This would be caused by the fact that another player killed the Assimilated Scouts in that system before your ship arrived.

You can then either wait for the hostiles to respawn or travel to another system and use the Voyager’s ability to expose the enemies.


As previously mentioned, some missions and in-game events require that players defeat Assimilated Scouts to earn rewards.

At the time of writing, there is no active event that invites Commanders to vanquish Assimilated Scouts. However, that does not mean that you cannot defeat the enemies to earn rewards.

Players will receive rewards for every Assimilated Scout they vanquish, but keep in mind that the different hostile levels reward you with different items.

The table below lists the rewards you will receive if you defeat the Assimilated Scouts:

Name Level Rewards
Assimilated Federation Scout 39 16 677 – 22 563 Parsteel
Assimilated Federation Scout 45 414 – 508 4-star Broken Interceptor Parts
Assimilated Federation Scout 54 2299 – 2812 4-star Broken Interceptor Parts
Assimilated Klingon Scout 39 6234 – 8517 Dilithium
Assimilated Klingon Scout 45 414 – 508 4-star Broken Battleship Parts
Assimilated Klingon Scout 54 2299 – 2812 4-star Broken Battleship Parts
Assimilated Romulan Scout 39 9890 – 13 386 Tritanium
Assimilated Romulan Scout 45 414 – 508 4-star Broken Explorer Parts
Assimilated Romulan Scout 54 2299 – 2812 4-star Explorer Parts

USS Voyager

In order to construct the USS Voyager, you need to be at least level 30 and vanquish Hirogen hostiles in the Delta Quadrant.

STFC players have to acquire Hirogen Relics from defeating enemies and refine them in the Voyager Refinery.

When you have reached level 34 and have gathered enough blueprints, you will be able to construct the USS Voyager.

This vessel enables you to procure Isolytic Damage Artifacts and ship parts for several vessels, including the Amalgam, G4 ships and Cerritos, among others.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find the Assimilated Scouts without the USS Voyager because of its active ability, Advanced Sensors.

To use this ability, you need to get Deuterium Canisters which can be procured by refining Hirogen Relics in the USS Voyager Refinery.

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