STFC: Assimilated Stella

STFC recently released an Assimilated Stella Refit, which increases the cost efficiency of Stella Particles by 30 percent.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game that is based on the classic series, Star Trek. Therefore, you will experience similar iconic characters, ships, and locations in the game to those in the series.

There are numerous ships in STFC, one of which is the Stella, which now has an Assimilated Refit available.

Are ships important in STFC?

Although ships may seem like a somewhat insignificant feature in STFC, they are a key component of the game. This is because ships are your primary means of exploring the galaxy and they allow you to mine resources and fight enemies.

There are several ships in STFC, namely Explorers, Interceptors, Battleships, and Survey Ships. The Explorers, Interceptors, and Battleships specialise in battles while the Survey Ships are made to harvest resources.

However, you can still use a Survey Ship to participate in battle, but they will not be very effective when it comes to defeating enemies or other players.

STFC: Assimilated Stella

One of the ships that you can construct in STFC is the Stella, which is a Battleship designed for fighting Eclipse ships. players had to complete milestones 5 and 10 of the Outlaws II BattlePass to build the Stella.

Moreover, you had to unlock the Stella Research component in your fleet. Bear in mind that you were only able to construct the Stella if your shipyard was level 27.

If you missed the event, you can still obtain the Stella, however, the process to do so is quite complicated.

STFC’s update 51, which was released on 7 February 2023, introduces several new features to the game. You can now enjoy many new activities, such as defeating the Expansion Cube. Players can also construct a new ship called Vi’dar Talios.

The update also released a new Refit for the Stella. Refits were added to the game to change the ship’s appearance and to provide exclusive buffs. The Assimilated Stella Refit increases the cost efficiency of Stella Particles by 30 percent.

STFC: Assimilated Stella

Players can only get Stella Particles if they decide to scrap their Stella, but it is recommended that you wait some time before you scrap your Stella.

This is because at some point in STFC, you will receive a quest that requires that you defeat enemies with the Stella.

If you scrapped your Stella before you completed the quest, you have to build the ship again in order to complete the quest. Once you have completed the quest, you can scrap the ship with the Assimilated Refit equipped to increase the cost efficiency.

When should you scrap your Stella?

As previously explained, you should complete the quest with your Stella before you scrap it. However, the difference between scrapping a level 10 and level 15 Stella is 100 Stella Particles and a level 15 Stella will take 2 more hours to scrap.

Therefore, it is advisable that you scrap your Stella once it has reached level 10. However, you should ensure that you complete the quest before you scrap it.

How to acquire the Stella

If you already scrapped your Stella or if you missed the event, you can still construct it, albeit a complicated task. To begin the process, you have to complete the Stella Research in your Research station.

You have to research 17 aspects before you can start Stella Research. When you have completed the research, you will gain access to the Outlaw Rogue in-game store. You can purchase 10 Stella Blueprints from this store which cost 100 Rogue Credits.

To get additional Rogue Credits, you can exchange your security keys for Directives and Rogue Credits. Security keys can be obtained by defeating enemies in the Rogue Space.

Refit details

Refits yield a variety of visual cosmetics to allow players to personalise their ships and some refits also provide certain buffs. There are numerous refits that you can acquire in STFC, but some can only be applied to a certain ship.

You can also procure Ship Skins, which are applied to the ship itself, and Projectiles, which are different animations for the Projectiles of your ship.

Ship skins provide additional bonuses to one of your ships. The bonus is permanently active, and it cannot be switched off. If you remove a Ship Skin, the buff will remain on your ship, but Projectiles are applied to all your ships.

Multiple projectiles will stack, which means that you will benefit from increased statistics. Just like Skins, Projectile buffs are permanent, and they will never switch off.

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