STFC: Amalgam

STFC recently introduced a new ship known as the Amalgam, and its primary purpose is to gather resources.

You can put your tactical abilities to the test in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The game follows the Kelvin chronology from the classic series, Star Trek, and as such, you will likely find iconic characters like Spock, McCoy, Khan, and Kirk while you are advancing in the game.

Players must complete tutorial missions when they start playing the game. The objective of the tutorial mission is to teach you the game’s mechanics and features. Once you have completed the tutorial, you can access a ship and a space station.

As you progress in the game, you can unlock additional ships, one of which is the Amalgam.


Ships in STFC serve as your primary means by which to explore the galaxy, and they enable you to engage in combat. The game has various types of ships, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

Battleships, Explorers, and Interceptors also have strengths and weaknesses. Players will have an advantage in battle if they choose the correct ship type.

Although Survey Ships are not intended for battle, they are made for the purpose of mining and carrying resources. However, they can still engage in combat.

To unlock a ship, you have to build a ship. Players can only build a ship when they have enough blueprints for it.

STFC: Amalgam

Scopely recently introduced the Amalgam, which is a Pakled vessel that is available for players who are on level 31 or higher. Like other ships, the Amalgam has a unique ability.

STFC: Supply Chain Antics
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After winning a battle, if the target has more resources than the Amalgam’s available cargo space, the ship fills its cargo space and takes on an additional 0.01 percent of the remaining resources.

Keep in mind that this ability only activates if the Amalgam has available empty cargo space before attacking. It specialises in the extraction of large quantities of valuable resources in record time. This ability makes the Amalgam perfect for raiding large resource quantities from enemy stations.

The Amalgam also has a gameplay activity which focuses on raiding Supply Ships in the Klingon and Romulan system introduced in Duality Arc Part 1.

Players can refine Plundered Cargo to upgrade the Amalgam, earn exclusive Faction reputation Exocomps, Honorguard Worf shards, and unlock Refits and Projectiles.

To use the Amalgam, you have to construct it, which requires 100 blueprints and 31 shipyards. Once completed, you can upgrade its tier 9 times, and its maximum level is level 45.

The ship has various upgradable components, which are:

Component Minimum tier Maximum tier
Distributed Cargo Holds 1 9
Impulse Engines 1 9
Mining Laser 1 9
Pulsed Phaser 1 9
Shield 1 9
Warp Engines 1 9

Players should note that the Amalgam becomes stronger with each tier upgrade. This also means that its abilities improve.

Best Amalgam player-versus-player crews

Although the Amalgam gathers resources, it can be used to defeat other players’ ships to loot their resources. Similarly to other ships, the Amalgam requires crew members to function.

If you are interested in a good, all round PvP crew, you should allocate Yuki Sulu as the captain, and Alexander Marcus and Khan Noonien Singh as officers.

However, if you focus more on defence, you should use TOS James T.Kirk as the officer, whereas your officers should be TOS Nyota Uhura and TOS Leonard McCoy. If you have not unlocked these units, you can use James T.Kirk as the captain, and Spock and Leonard McCoy as a decent PvP crew.

Amalgam’s warp

Warp in STFC is a statistic that determines how far your ship can travel in the galaxy. A ship’s warp is determined by its tier level. The table below lists Amalgam’s warp according to its tier:

Tier Warp speed Warp distance
1 3.3 seconds 40
2 3.6 seconds 45
3 3.9 seconds 50
4 4.2 seconds 60
5 4.5 seconds 70
6 4. 7 seconds 100
7 4.9 seconds 115
8 5.1 seconds 125
9 5.3 seconds 140

How many resources do you need to upgrade the Amalgam to the maximum level?

To upgrade any ship in STFC, players need certain resources. The higher the tier is of the ship, the more resources it requires to upgrade. The following table highlights the resources you need to max out the Amalgam:

Resource Quantity
4-star Rare survey parts 1 807
3- star Survey parts 9 191
4-star Uncommon Survey Parts 11 534
4- star Common Survey Parts 28 233
Amalgam Parts 697 278
4- star Rare Crystal 321 4
4- star Uncommon Crystal 646 4
4- star Common Crystal 19 834
4- star Rare Ore 1 548
4- star Uncommon Ore 14 105
4- star Common Ore 17 243
3-star Rare Crystal 114 3
3-star Uncommon Crystal 2 113
3-star Common Crystal 7 169
3-star Rare Ore 173
3-star Uncommon Ore 7 933
3-star Common Ore 2 462
Dilithium 346 048 560
Tritanium 22 035 004 500

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