STFC: Voyager Refinery

The Voyager Refinery in STFC may seem like a simple feature, but it will help you progress in the second part of the Voyager Arc.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), players start out with a space station and a ship. You can explore galactic systems, interact with non-player-characters and complete missions.

The game recently got an update, which introduced new features, including the Voyager Refinery, to the game.

STFC: Voyager Refiner

Update 55 was released on Tuesday, 6 June 2023 and it introduced new activities, ships and quests to STFC.

The USS Voyager is a legendary vessel which is lost in an unknown section of space in the Delta Quadrant. Although this ship has several tasks, it only has 1 objective: to get home.

After building your USS Voyager, you will be able to enjoy its Refinery, which is at the bottom of your Refinery list. If you cannot locate it, we recommend that you make sure you have the latest version of STFC installed.

Keep in mind that the Voyager Refinery will only become available when you have built the USS Voyager. Although the refinery seems like an trivial feature, it is essential for your progress in the second part of the Voyager Arc.

The Voyager Refinery allows you to refine Exotic Biotoxins and Anomaly Samples, which can be used to upgrade your USS Voyager. It is vital that you upgrade your vessel regularly as this will enhance its capabilities.


There are several quests that you can accept in the Voyage Refinery once you have met specific requirements.

For instance, researching the Delta Quadrant Analysis node in the Starships Research tree will allow you to accept the Voyage to Velixys mission from the Voyager Refinery.

If you complete this quest, you can unlock a new path. Furthermore, there is a series of missions that you have to complete to unlock the new superhighway, which is in the Delta Quadrant.

How to build the Voyager

Before you can use the Voyager Refinery, you have to build the USS Voyager. To acquire blueprints for the vessel, players must reach Operations level 30 and vanquish Hirogen hostiles in the Delta Quadrant.

You should also bear in mind that you can only build the ship when you have collected all the blueprints and have reached operations level 34.

You will then be rewarded with Hirogen Relics, which can be refined in the Voyager Refinery.

Research Credits

In order to commence research in the USS Voyager’s research tree, you need to accumulate Research Credits. According to the STFC official Discord server, Research Credits can be acquired through the Voyager Refinery.

The new research tree not only allows you to enhance your USS Voyager, but it also enables you to unlock fleetwide buffs and gives you access to various quests.

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