STFC: Shal’ika

One of the neutral systems players can discover in STFC is Shal’ika, and you need a warp range of 165 to visit it

Commanders can put their tactical skills to the test in this explorative video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

As you progress in the game, you will get the opportunity to explore a vast galaxy with several systems. One of these systems is Shal’ika.

STFC: Shal’ika

Shal’ika is a level 39 neutral system  in STFC. You can either come across this system by traveling through the galaxy or by searching for it in the search bar. When you arrive in the system, you will encounter various types of hostiles.

Players can defeat Assimilator Data Cubes, which are Interceptors, as well as Assimilated Federation Scouts. You can also encounter Assimilated Romulan Scout Battleships and Assimilated Klingon Scout Battleships.

It is worth noting that the enemies that you can encounter in Shal’ika differ in level. This means that you can find enemies between levels 37 and 39.

If you are yet to reach level 39, we recommend that you avoid the higher-level enemies and only focus on the level 37 enemies, as their statistics are lower than the level 39 enemies.

In addition to hostiles, you can discover 4 different planets in Shal’ika. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether  these planets have mines for you to procure materials or not.

Voyager connection

Allegedly, the Shal’ika system is connected to the Voyager. One STFC player recently asked what players should do in Shal’ika.

Another player responded that you have to summon the bio ship with the Voyager which will trigger a borg cube to spawn.

The borg supposedly contains faction messages, but the STFC player mentioned that it is not worth the summon materials. Several players feel that it is very disappointing for a token that takes some time to procure.

Required warp range

When you have found Shal’ika, either by using the search bar or by finding it in the galaxy, your ships needs to have a specific warp range to travel to the system.

You need a minimum warp range of 165 to travel to the system. If you are yet to reach warp range 165, you cannot travel to Shal’ika.

Are there missions in Shal’ika?

At the time of writing this, there are no missions that players can accept in Shal’ika. Moreover, there are no missions that require that you travel to Shal’ika.

That being said, STFC’s developer, Scopely, may introduce a new mission chain or side quests for you to complete which involve Shal’ika in the future.

We recommend that you keep an eye on STFC’s official website for announcements regarding new quests and arcs.

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