Evony: How to increase march size

Players can increase their march size in Evony through various methods, though some methods may require more time and resources than others.

Evony: The King’s Return invites players to assume the role of a lady or a lord in the medieval era to build an empire from the ground up. Since this mobile game replicates the classic video game, Evony, players can enjoy similar content, mechanics, and features in both games.

There are various types of activities and gaming modes that you can join, including a player-versus-player mode where you can attack and defeat other players.

Players can defeat bosses, located at random areas on the map, construct new buildings, and gather resources. Furthermore, you can train many types of troops and participate in occasional events, among other things.

What is march size?

March size refers to the number of troops you can send out in a single attack. Though, to some, it may seem like a simple element in the game, it can have a significant impact on your gameplay. This is because the march size also determines how many resources you can gather on a run.

If your march size is only 300, you can only send 300 troops to gather resources, which, in turn, means that you have to send more troops to gather additional resources over a period of time.

Your march size can also influence how successful your battles are, so for example, if your march size is 500 and your opponent’s is 200, your chances of defeating them are relatively high. However, if your march size is lower than your opponent’s, you may likely lose the battle.

Evony: How to increase march size
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Evony: How to increase march size

There are numerous methods you can use to increase your keep’s march size, but some of them cost more time and effort than others. One of the ways you can increase your march size is by upgrading your rally spot, which is one of the buildings in your keep.

You can also research the Coordinate, Advance Coordinate, Super Coordination, and Supreme Coordination features in the Academy, which can increase your march size. All these features are in the Military tab, but it is worth noting that you have to research them chronologically.

Furthermore, you can also level up your Monarch’s War Horn to increase your march size, however, this method deducts some of your resources. Your Monarch’s rank influences your march size, so it is advised that you reach higher ranks as soon as possible.

The in-game VIP system can supposedly also increase your march size. Players should note that this system can only be accessed by subscribing to the game with real-life money, though this method is not recommended as most players are free-to-play.

Alternatively, you can make specific Generals the leaders of your troops, as some have the ability to increase your march size. The table below lists the Generals and how much they increase your march size:

General Increase in march size
Genghis Khan 15 percent
Li Shimin  10 percent
Isabella I 10 percent, however, she requires any Sacred Dragon
Barbarossa 10 percent
King Arthur  15 percent
Evony: How to increase march size
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Can a General’s equipment increase march speed?

In Evony, you will discover many types of equipment sets for your Generals as you advance in the game. Some equipment enhances a General’s statistics or abilities, while some can increase your march speed. The gear that can increase the troop’s march speed is:

Gear Increase in march size
Han Dynasty Bracers 13 percent
Furinkazan Bracers 15 percent
Freedom Hero Equipment 30 percent, however, you have to equip the full set
Freedom Star  15 percent
Plantagenet Ring  13 percent
Ares Equipment Set Buff  10 percent if you equip 6 pieces
Fearless Ares Ring  12 percent
Fearless Dragon Ring  11 percent

Can Dragons influence your march size?

Dragons are support units that can be assigned to a General to enhance their abilities. Certain dragons can increase your march size when they are allocated to a General.

The Amaterasu Dragon’s second ability, Dragon Blade can increase the march size, while the Celtic Demon can increase the march size, depending on his level.

Does a Duty Officer affect march size?

Once you have upgraded your Rally Spot to level 35, you can assign a Duty Officer to increase your march size. The table below outlines each rank, and how much it can increase your march size:

Rank Increase in march size
Junior officer 5 percent
Medium officer 10 percent
Senior officer 15 percent and an additional 20 000 troops
Special officer 25 percent and an additional 50 000 troops
Super officer 30 percent and an additional 70 000 troops

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