GUNS UP! Mobile gears up for a March 2022 launch date

In GUNS UP! Mobile, you will be able to create teams consisting of soldiers before participating in battles, and you can choose from Rocketeers and Assaults, among others.

GUNS UP! Mobile is a brand-new online player-versus-player strategy game that allows you to participate in Tower Defence battles. Moreover, you can build an army, support your soldiers and send your troops into battle. The game is set to be released on both Android and iOS in March 2022.

Before you can participate in one of the various gaming modes that GUNS UP! Mobile offers, you have to assemble your team. It is alleged that you can select any 5 soldiers or heroes to help you on the battlefield and to defeat other players.

It is important to note that the game’s publisher, NHN, has not released a lot of information about the soldiers. However, it has announced 6 of the soldiers that you can use in your team. According to NHN, you can select a Sniper, Grunt, Assault, Rocketeer, Grenadier and a Medic to be part of your team.

You should remember that each soldier has a specific objective in the team. The Sniper is a taciturn marksman who excels at eliminating key targets on the battlefield. However, he developed a habit of talking to himself after undertaking solo missions.

The Grunts are the very definition of expendable soldiers, while the Assaults can be seen as a group of reckless warriors. Even though they wear sunglasses, they are very brave. It is believed that the secret behind their bravery is near-sightedness, which is caused by the heavily tinted sunglasses.

Rocketeers are in charge of different types of rockets. The piercing shriek of their rockets makes their enemies shiver. Similar to the Rocketeers, the Grenadiers take control of various grenades. It is alleged that the sound of an explosion is harmonious to their ears.

That being said, they are slightly deaf, so players may need to shout in their ears to give orders. The Medic’s official description reveals that they joined the army to pay for their student loan debts. This soldier can be essential in your team, as they have the ability to heal their wounded allies.

Many believe that the publisher will reveal more soldiers and vehicles as the release date approaches. Though it is still unclear when the game will officially be launched, in the meantime, you can pre-register for the game on your Google Play Store or App Store.

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