STFC: March 2023 Arc

March 2023’s arc for STFC allows players to join forces with Picard and crew as they fight for the greater good of the Galaxy.

You can put your tactical abilities to the test in this adventurous mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology of the well-known Star Trek series, you will encounter similar regions, characters, and ships in the game to those in the series.

Scopely, the game’s publisher, recently released the patch notes for update 52, which introduces new arcs for March 2023.

STFC: Update 52

Update 52’s patch notes were released on Tuesday, 7 March 2023, and it introduces the Mess Hall, Ex-Borg Faction, D’Vor Feesha Glas: Refit, new Officers, and new missions, amongst other things.

Gamers need to make sure that they update their game to the latest version available, otherwise they will not be able to enjoy the new features.

The Mess Hall is a new building at level 15. It provides you with significant bonuses, ranging from Officer stats and Research Speed to Ship Component Tritanium cost efficiency.

The new Officers include Admiral Picard and PIC Beverly. Both of these Officers have unique abilities that can influence your gameplay greatly.

STFC: March 2023 Arc

In addition to the new Mess Hall, Officers, and Refit, players can unlock 10 new missions to kick off the Legacy Arc in March 2023.In theory, an arc is a multi-month expansion to the game with a central theme of Star Trek IP.

This means that every month is a part of an expansion, however, a part is also referred to as an arc. For March 2023’s arc. You have to join forces with Picard and crew as they fight for the greater good of the Galaxy.

After updating STFC to the latest version, you will be able to dive into the new arc to help Picard and his crew with missions. Although it is yet to be confirmed, some STFC players suspect that they can collect Picard as an officer by progressing in the new arc.

STFC: March 2023 Arc
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However, other players claim that the new Officer can only be obtained if you purchase him with real-life money.

Unfortunately, you have to progress in March 2023’s arc to find out if you can acquire the new Officer through gameplay or if you have to purchase Picard.

Regrettably, Scopely did not provide players with further details about the new arc in update 52’s patch notes.

However, they did reveal that the new arc introduces a new Battle Pass, which features new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, and resources, among other items.

You have to unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month, or you can purchase the premium pass with real money.

Admiral Picard

According to Star Trek lore, Jean-Luc Picard is most often seen as the captain of the Federation starship, USS Enterprise.

As a character in the franchise, Picard appeared in various books, comics, films, and computer games from the 1990s, and you can now enjoy him in STFC.

Similarly to other Officers in STFC, Picard has unique skills that can affect your gameplay, which are as follows:

Ability Description
Captain Maneuver: Seize the Time There is a percentage chance that he could apply morale for a certain number of rounds at the beginning of each round
Officer Ability: This far, no further! He increases the base weapon damage of your Explorer when fighting player explorers

PIC Beverly

Although Beverly is not part of March 2023’s arc, you can still collect her and use her in your fleet. Her Officer ability, Critical Condition, increases damage by a certain percentage against enemies when your ship is hit.

Her Below Deck Ability, Organ Donor, increases the number of broken parts dropped by hostiles by a certain percentage.

At the moment of writing this, it is still undetermined how players can acquire PIC Beverly. This means that you may have to complete a certain quest to collect her or  purchase her with real money.

How long will the March 2023 arc be active?

As with the other arcs in STFC, the March 2023 arc will eventually conclude. Arcs generally have several parts which are spread over a few months, such as the Borg arc event, which was active for a few months.

It is unknown how long the March 2023 arc will remain active, but some players assume that it will only be active for 3 weeks.

Once an arc ends, players cannot complete the quests and receive rewards. Therefore, you have to attempt to complete all the quests in an arc before it is removed from the game entirely.

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