Evony: Best Generals

No General stands out above the rest in Evony, instead there are multiple Generals that are seen as the best in their respective activities.

Evony: The King’s Return is an adventurous mobile game that invites players to take on the role of either a lord or lady. As the name suggests, it is based on the popular video game, Evony, which means you can expect similar content.

It is set in the medieval times, and you can take control of either an alliance or city to become a powerful ruler. To progress in the game, you need to solve various puzzles, which can also be called stages or levels.

You have to solve and complete a puzzle to move on to the next level. Moreover, you can join powerful alliances to form strategies to defeat other leaders. You are also able to recruit generals, build your own empire and customise your gameplay.

Why are Generals important?

Although Generals may seem like a simple feature, they are a vital component in the game. This is because you use them in everything you do, including fighting, researching, building, and crafting.

It is alleged that the better the General is, the more effective they are in these activities. That being said, some Generals perform better in specific activities or tasks than others.

For example, Simeon the Great is not the best General to use when you are planning to attack with ground troops. However, he is considered one of the best Generals for Ranged player-versus-player attacks.

Evony: Best Generals

It is advised that you carefully select your Generals before participating in any of the in-game activities, as some may perform better than others.

A good way to look at it is that there is no General that stands out above the rest, instead, there are multiple Generals who are seen as the best in the game for their respective activities.

The following table indicates the best free-to-play Generals for the various aspects of the game:

Aspect General
Ranged General ·   Elektra
Mounted General ·   Hannibal

·   Li Jing

·   Martinus

·   Roland

Ground General ·   Trajan
Defence General (player-versus-player) ·   Trajan (ground)

·   Tran Hung Dao (siege)

·   Ly Thuong Kiet (ranged)

·   Joseph E. Johnston (ranged and siege)

Siege General ·   Ulysses S. Grant
Defence General (production) ·   Shajar al-Durr
Boss/ Monster Hunter ·   Nathanael Greene
Subordinate City (Debuff: Attack) ·   Andrew Jackson (ranged)

·   Arminius (ranged and sieged)

·   Margaret (Mounted)

·   Wei Qing (ground and mounted)

Resource Gathering ·   Queen Jindeok
Subordinate City (Debuff: Defence and health) ·   Empress Dowager Cixi (ground)

·   Nero (all troops)

·   Andrew Jackson (mounted)

·   Arminius (mounted)

Types of Generals

It is noteworthy that Generals are divided into different categories, which are determined by their rarity. The category is usually indicated by the colour of their card. Generals who are Legendary have much higher attributes than a General who is Common.

Furthermore, Epic, Legendary, and Rare Generals are much harder to acquire than Common Generals.

The following table indicates the rarity and colour of the types of Generals:

Rarity Colour card
Epic Gold
Legendary Purple
Rare Blue
Uncommon Green
Common Grey

It is advised that players who first start playing the game focus on Uncommon and Common Generals to understand the mechanics and gameplay. Once you have progressed to mid or endgame content, you have to obtain higher rarity Generals to be successful in the battles.

How to obtain Generals

To acquire a General, you have to go to the Tavern feature in the game. It is the only place where you can recruit new Generals for free. There are multiple Generals available in the tavern for you to obtain as part of your collection.

Please note that you may not obtain a premium General for free, as they are only available in packs, which you have to purchase with real life money.

Evony- Best Generals
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Alternatively, you can win a General by spinning the Wheel of Fortune or purchasing a General Chest from the battlefield building.

General statistics

Every General in the game has 4 different statistics which can have a direct influence on your gameplay and your performance in battles. Some Generals’ statistics may be more than others, which could also mean that they are more powerful.

The following table indicates all the statistics and a description of each:

Statistic Description
Politics It increases subordinate construction and gold production speed. It also speeds up resource gathering.
Defence This determines your troops’ defence against other players or monsters.
Attack It increases your troops’ attack.
Leadership This statistic increases subordinate city training speed, troop health points, and march speed.

 Final thoughts

Evony: The King’s Return is an explorative, adventurous mobile game that allows you to take on the role of either a lord or lady. It is based on the popular video game, Evony, which means you can expect similar content.

It is set in the medieval times, and you can take control of either an alliance or city to become a powerful ruler. You will come across various Generals of different rarities as you progress in the game.

However, no General can be seen as the best. This is because there are several Generals that are considered the best in their respective activities.

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