Evony: Permanent march effects

There are several permanent march effects in Evony, however, you need to participate in specific events or reach a certain ranking to obtain them.

In Evony: The King’s Return, you can assume the role of a lord or a lady in medieval times. The main goal of the game is to build and expand an empire. To do that, you have to train troops, recruit Generals, construct buildings, and harvest resources.

You are also to lead your armies as they march towards enemies, resource nodes, and other players’ empires. You can unlock march effects in Evony, but some effects are permanent while others are only active for a limited time.

What is a march effect?

A march effect changes the way your troop appears on the world map when they are marching to an enemy, a resource location, or another player’s keep. Players can access the march effects by going to the world map and selecting their castle.

In the pop-up menu, you will see a “Decorate” option and if you click on it, a new menu will appear.

In the new menu, there are 3 categories, namely Castle, Decoration, and Miracle. If you select the Decoration tab, you will see 4 icons on the left side of the screen.

If you select the “March” icon, you will be able to discover all the march effects in Evony. You can also see how your troops will appear on the world map by clicking on one of the march effects.

Evony: Permanent march effects

There are more than 10 march effects that you can get in Evony, though some march effects are only active for a specific duration while others are permanent march effects.

In general, you can purchase the limited-time march effects in exchange for an in-game currency.

The permanent march effects can only be procured by doing a specific activity or completing a specific achievement. The permanent march effects in Evony are:

Name How to acquire
Fireworks march effect You can acquire this march effect from the Firework Festival event.
Server War Ares march effect The first-ranked player in the server-versus-server event received the Server War Ares march effect.
Turtle march It can be obtained from server-versus-server loss and Hunter Temple conquered.
Apollo You have to reach a certain rank in the Season 4 All-Star Battlefield to get this march effect.
Egyptian Queen Gamers have to reach a certain rank in the Season 5 All-Star battlefield to get this march effect.
Plantagenet Chariot This march effect can be procured from the Rise of Plantagenet Dynasty event.
Poem of Civilization You have to collect a specific number of Fame Points to get this march effect.
Buffalo Vessel Players can get this march effect from the Kong: Skull Island Collaboration event.

These march effects serve as indicators to other players that you have achieved a certain victory or that you participated in a specific event.

Unfortunately, there are no other methods that gamers can use to get these march effects and regrettably, most of them are no longer available for collection.

Additional march effects

Several march effects can be acquired by participating in a special event, but the event is not specified. It is impossible to know which events you can acquire the following permanent march effects from:

  • Queen of the Monsters
  • Red Demons
  • Lion Dance
  • Rose Knights
  • Frost Lion
  • Wonder Airship
  • Undead Legions
  • Tipsy Squad
  • Flying Cranes

Players can get most permanent march effects by participating in a specific in-game event. Therefore, you should try to participate in as many events as possible.

However, since there are several events active simultaneously , it can be difficult to participate in all of them.

How to equip a permanent march effect

In the Decoration menu, you can select your empire’s chat bubble, march effect, and light effect. All the march effects in the game are outlined in the march effect menu, and  you can also see which march effects you have collected.

You can select any of the permanent march effects in your collection to be active. This effect will remain active until you select another march effect. If you want to change your march effect, you can select a new march effect from the menu.

Will more permanent march effects be added to Evony?

The game’s developer, Evony, regularly updates the game to prevent it from becoming monotonous. This means that there is a big chance that additional permanent march effects will be added to the game in the future.

Bear in mind that you may have to reach a specific ranking or participate in an event in order to acquire the march effect. However, once it is in your collection, it will remain, even if the event has concluded.

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