Evony: Refining equipment

Players should refine their General’s equipment in Evony: The King’s Return, as this will apply buffs to their troops.


You can assume the role of either a lord or a lady in this popular mobile game, Evony: The King’s Return. As is suggested by the game’s name, it forms part of the Evony video game franchise, which means that players will experience similar gameplay and mechanics.

It has a variety of activities you can enjoy, including completing quests, defeating other players, and gathering resources, amongst others.

In order to be successful in these activities, you have to equip your Generals with specific gear. The gear you need is determined by your General’s statistics, such as their leadership, attack, politics, and defence. Allegedly, it is difficult to categorise the best gear, as some gear fulfils specific purposes.

Why is gear important?

Even though your General’s gear may not seem like a necessary feature, it is a crucial part of the game. This is because the gear can increase the General’s skills and statistics, which means that he or she will become much stronger, which can change and improve your gameplay significantly.

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Players may have to change their General’s gear as they advance in the game, because some gear is intended to be used in early game, while others are designed for endgame content. Moreover, you should always try to refine your General’s equipment.

Evony: Refining equipment

As you progress in the game, you will attain gear and equipment for your Generals to use. Some pieces have the ability to increase statistics or to provide your General with an additional skill. To see what gear your Generals have, go to the Generals menu, which

is located under the tab with the 3 dots. Once you are in the menu, you will find a list of all the Generals in your collection. You should select a General to view their equipment, every General can equip 6 pieces of gear.

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When you receive an item, you can refine it. Refining is one of the most expensive factors in the game, however, it is one of the most rewarding with regards to troop buffs. Supposedly, a large portion of your total buffs depend on your refined equipment.

How to refine equipment

While in a specific General’s menu, you can select one of their equipment pieces. Take note that if the General does not have any gear equipped, the area will be greyed out.

Once you have selected an item, a new menu will open, and it gives you the opportunity to refine or to upgrade the star level of the item.

Players have to build a Forge before they can refine an item. If you already have a forge, you can continue with the refining process. Keep in mind that refining will cost you a lot of resources, including Gold, Gems, and Refining Stones.

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Every piece of gear your General equips has a specific troop statistic that it will buff after the refining process. The following table outlines which items will buff which statistic:

Statistic Equipment item
Troop health points It is buffed by the General’s helmet and leg gear
Troop defence It is buffed by the General’s boots and armour
Troop attack It is buffed by your General’s weapon and ring

If you want to increase your troop’s attack, you should refine the specific General’s weapon and ring. The same principle applies to troop defence and health points.

Refining stones

Refining Stones are a valuable crafting material and are necessary to refine your Generals’ gear. Even though you can loot it from most bosses, you will need hundreds of Refining Stones to refine all your Generals’ gear. It is thus wise to save as many as you can, and to only use them to refine the best equipment.

Players can acquire Refining Stones by defeating the following bosses:

  • Zombie
  • Redcap
  • Skeleton Dragon
  • Werewolf
  • Manticore
  • Peryton
  • Warlord
  • Golem
  • Witch
  • Senior Cerberus
  • Junior Hydra
  • Lava Turtle
  • Senior Nian
Evony- Refining equipment
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Final thoughts

In Evony: The King’s Return, players are invited to assume the role of either a lord or a lady while controlling a city in medieval times. As the name of the game suggests, it is part of the Evony franchise, which means that players will experience similar gameplay and mechanics.

As you progress in the game, you can acquire various Generals, each of which can be equipped with powerful gear. Bear in mind that every piece of equipment can go through the refining process, which will apply buffs to your troops.

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