Evony: Imperial Lion Event

Evony is currently hosting numerous Napoleon-based events and one of the events that you can enjoy is Imperial Lion

Evony: The King’s Return is an exhilarating video game that invites gamers to take control of an empire in medieval times.

As the lord or lady of a keep, you have to defeat monsters, complete quests, attack other Monarchs and harvest resources.

Imperial Lion Event

In addition to expanding your empire, you can enjoy an array of in-game events. At the time of writing, Evony is celebrating the release of the new Napoleon movie by hosting numerous Napoleon-based events.

One of these events is Imperial Lion and it invites players to consume Legion of Honour to win rewards.

There is also a chance that players will receive the Glorious General Chest, but if you do not receive the chest after opening 199 times, it is guaranteed within the next opening.

Evony: Imperial Lion Event
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However, this effect resets every time you receive a reward. In order to collect Legion of Honour, you must defeat monsters on the world map, harvest resources from resource tiles or purchase event packages.

Monarchs should note that the Legion of Honour will be removed from the game when the event concludes.

You should therefore use your Legion of Honour before the event concludes.


If you use your Legion of Honour you can earn various rewards, however, each reward has a specific drop rate. The following table lists some of the items’ drop rates:

Item Chance details
Glorious General Chest 0.2 percent
5 Blood of Ares 6.3 percent
50 Tactic Scrolls 3.4 percent
10 Junior Blazon Chests 1 percent
100 Source of Life 1.7 percent
100 Research Stones 1.6 percent
50 1-hour Speedup 27.1 percent
100 Refining Stones 10.4 percent
100 Medals 10.4 percent

Glorious General Chest

Players who receive the Glorious General Chest can open it and choose one of various Historic Generals. You will get the opportunity to choose Andre Massena, Kleos, Alessandra or Eleanor.

Since all 4 Generals have amazing capabilities and abilities, it can be difficult to know which General you should select.

We recommend that you consider the Generals you have collected to see which type of troops or activity deserves a better General.

For instance, you may not have the best Range Troop General, which means that you should select Eleanor.

Legion of Honour Packages

To procure additional Legion of Honour in Evony, you can purchase packages with real money. There are 2 packages available, which cost $11.33 and $115.94, respectively.

If you purchase one of these packs, you will receive the following items:

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