Dislyte: Lion Esper

The Lion Esper has created anticipation amongst Dislyte players, however, Lilith games is yet to release information about him.

Dislyte is a thrilling video game that takes place in a mythology-themed world where players can enjoy turn-based battles.

To defeat enemies, you have to collect Espers  which are based on mythological gods. One of these Espers is inspired by a lion-like mythological god.

Dislyte: Lion Esper

Early in May 2023, Dislyte announced that a new Esper will be added to the game. Even though the Esper’s name is unknown, it was revealed that it has the appearance of a lion, so players are now referring to the new character as the Lion Esper.

Unfortunately, the game’s developer, Lilith Games, has yet to reveal more information about the Lion Esper. Thus, the new Esper’s skill set is undetermined, as well as which equipment he should use and his recommended allies.

Since the Lion Esper’s announcement, Dislyte players have experienced a great deal of anticipation. On the official Discord channel, several players shared their thoughts and opinions about the new Lion Esper.

Several players believe that the Lion Esper will be a Flow character, while another player speculated that the Lion Esper will be able to steal and redistribute all buffs.

It is noteworthy that these are just fan theories, though, as no official information has been released.

Dislyte: Lion Esper
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When will Lion Esper be added to the game?

At the time of writing this, it is unknown when Lion Esper will make its appearance in Dislyte.

However several players believe that he will be added to the game with the next patch update. Although patch updates are performed regularly, they have no set schedule.

We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the official Dislyte website as all patch notes are released on the website.

Lion Esper’s mythological god

Every Esper in Dislyte is inspired by a mythological god. This means that an Esper’s appearance, skill set and personality are determined by a specific mythological god.

Unfortunately, it is still undetermined which mythological god inspired the Lion Esper’s creation.

However, we do know that the Lion Esper has a lion-like appearance and therefore, players have shared their theories about its mythological origin.

On a Reddit thread, a player known as Tsadron, stated. “Ï bet it is Gilgamesh. He had a Sumerion feel (they honored lions a fair bit) and we have Gilgamesh’s mother in the game already!”

The mythological god that inspired the Lion Esper will be revealed once he is added to the game.

How to acquire the Lion Esper

Once the Lion Esper is added to the game, you will be able to acquire him though the in-game system, Echo.

There is a possibility that You can enjoy a rate-up banner for Lion Esper,  meaning that your chances of summoning him are higher than usual.

Keep in mind that you need a specific summoning currency to acquire the Lion Esper. Players can obtain these currencies by completing activities in Dislyte.

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