Counter Side: Awakened Units

Awakened Units in Counter: Side are much stronger than other characters, but they are also more difficult to acquire.

Players can assume the role of a chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen in this action-packed mobile game, Counter: Side. The futuristic universe consists of 2 opposing worlds: one is home to mankind, and the other has horrific foes.

In these tragic times, it is your responsibility to collect characters and fight alongside them to restore peace to the world.

In addition to the main campaign, you can put your tactical abilities to the test by participating in different activities and gaming modes.

Players can complete counter cases, enjoy challenges, partake in occasional events, and discover simulations, among other activities. That being said, you first have to get a few heroes, otherwise called Employees, to enjoy the in-game features.


It is important to note that Employees have varying properties, namely role, attack type, deployment, cost, and type. The table below highlights the types of characters you can collect:

Employee type Description
Mech Mechs are extremely simple characters, however, they possess extremely powerful hardware that steadily performs its duty.
Soldiers Players can use Soldiers to outnumber enemies on the battlefield. They are not as strong as Counters, but their deployment cost is less.
Counter These heroes have powerful skills to defeat their enemies on the battlefield

All Employees assume a specific position and role on the battlefield, and every role serves a specific purpose. You can thus find rangers, supporters, towers, snipers, defenders, strikers, and siege machines in the game.

Counter Side: Awakened Units

Although there are different types of Employees, you can always find a standard version, and an Awakened version of a character. The Awakened Employees are allegedly much more powerful than the standard versions.

Counter Side: Awakened Units

Unlike with the standard versions, players cannot summon Awakened Employees using Employee Contracts. They require a separate currency called Classified Contracts, otherwise known as Black Tickets.

The normal and Awakened version of characters are divided into various tiers, which are determined by their rarity, statistics, and abilities. This means that some Awakened characters are more powerful than others.

Some of the Awakened units in the game are:

Employee Description
Awakened Hilde Hilde is one of the strongest and sturdiest ‘wall’ units in the game. She is a powerful Counter Employee that assumes the defender role in battle.
Awakened Yoo Mina Known as the human bomb, Awakened Yoo Mina can deal a lot of damage to her enemies.
Awakened Lee Sooyen Allegedly, Awakened Lee Sooyen is one of the best anti-air characters in the game.
Awakened Na Yubin He is an evasion-based tank that pushes forward while trying to defeat his enemies’ backline.

Black Tickets

These tickets are rarer than their blue counterpart, and players can only acquire a limited number of them every month. The table below lists the method you can use to obtain them, and how many you can get:

Method Amount Black Tickets
Battle Pass 60
Weekly Black Ticket pack Between 440 and 880
New Awakened release event 20
Guild Co-op 45
Gauntlet Shop 80
Monthly attendance 40
Weely missions 80
Daily missions 120

So you can obtain approximately 1400 Black Tickets, which allows you to summon 70 times every month. But you should keep in mind that this estimation does not include any events or calendar features that often also give players Black Tickets.

Can players get a free Awakened Employee?

Many players are not aware that they can acquire an Awakened Employee for free. Lee Jisoo is a powerful Counter that takes on the supporter role in battle. Since she is a ground unit, she focuses on ground attacks.

Players can only acquire Lee Jisoo for free during a specific in-game event, meaning that she is only available for a limited time. Once the event has concluded, players have to procure Black Tickets for a chance to acquire Lee Jisoo from the gacha system.

Thus, it is recommended that you keep an eye out for the next in-game event, as it may be your opportunity to procure an Awakened Employee for free.

Awakened Units to save up for

Players have to acquire many Black Tickets before they can pull for an Awakened Employee, as previously stated. Although it is tempting to use all of your tickets once you have them, it is recommended that you save them. This is because some Awakened Units are considered ‘must-have’ units.

If you have saved up your Black Tickets, you can summon these units when they become available. However, if you used all your tickets, you first have to farm additional ones, which means you might miss the opportunity to summon a new Employee.

It is recommended that you save Black Tickets for the following Awakened Employees:

  • Joo Shiyoon
  • Horizon
  • Seo Yoon
  • Lee Sooyeon
  • Ministra

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