Counter Side: Horizon

Counter: Side has more than 100 units for you to collect, one of which is Horizon, who is considered the best Employee in the game.

Players can put their strategic abilities to the test in this role-playing mobile game, Counter: Side. The game is set in a futuristic setting that has 2 worlds; one world is home to mankind, and the other holds horrific creatures.

You can assume the role of the chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen, as it is now your responsibility to defeat enemies and fight for the future of the human race.

To aid you in your quest, you can create teams of heroes, otherwise known as Employees. A team generally consists of 1 ship and 8 Employees, although you may not have a full team of heroes when you start playing the game.

Why are Employees important?

Employees are basically the game’s characters that you have to collect before you can use them in various activities. Many players believe that Employees are the key to progressing faster and more productively in the game. The stronger your units are, the faster you can clear the stages and reach endgame content.

As such, they are a crucial aspect of the game, as players cannot defeat enemies and clear stages without them. Employees also enable you to partake in the numerous gaming modes, however, some are initially locked. Fortunately, once you have met the requirements to do so, you can gain access to them.

Counter Side: Horizon

There are more than 100 Employees you can acquire in the game and one of them is Horizon. She is classified as a Super Supreme Rare (SSR) defender that gets stronger when her health points get lower. Since she falls into the SSR-tier, it can be said that she is one of the best units in the game, but, unfortunately, this makes it incredibly difficult to acquire her.

Counter Side: Horizon

Her employee identification is #1196 and her faction is Horizon Finance. She takes on the role of a defender on the battlefield, and she costs approximately 4 deployment resources to be deployed. Horizon’s type is mech, which is extremely simple but powerful hardware that steadily performs its duty during combat.

Horizon’s skills

Similarly to other Employees, Horizon possesses a range of skills that can be used against enemies on the battlefield. Her skills can be described as follows:

Skill Description
Basic attack Horizon swings a metal pipe, which inflicts area-of-effect damage (AoE) to the frontline enemies. When enhanced, it conducts a knock-back attack that deals damage to 3 targets.
Passive skill: Foreclosure When Horizon is damaged 4 times, this skill creates a barrier equal to 3 percent of her maximum health points for 5 seconds. However, it activates after 2 hits if her health falls below 50 percent.
Special skill: Debtor Spotted She inflicts AoE damage to track down the debtor, and targets the cast for 6 seconds. She ignores cooldown and cast skills for targets beyond 6 meters. When the skill is in an enhanced state, damage is increased by 10 percent and Levitation becomes more powerful.
Passive skill: Physical Persuasion When Horizon’s health falls below 50 percent, she gains immunity to all debuffs and stuns and gains buff on all attacks.

Horizon’s statistics

Every Employee in the game has similar statistics, but the specific number of each statistic differs amongst Employees. Their statistics can increase as they reach higher levels, it can thus be said that their level determines the number of statistics they have.

The table below shows the statistics of Horizon without any gear equipped, and passive bonuses are not included in the statistics. Horizon’s statistics at level 30 are as follows:

Statistic Player-versus-player (PvP) Player-versus-environment (PvE)
Evasion 156 156
Hit 370 370
Critical 168 168
Defence 522 681
Attack 406 1221
Health points 3 614 12 096

What gear should Horizon wear?

As you progress in the game, you will get different types of gear. Even though you can equip Horizon with any gear, it is advised that you use the following:

  • Set: Health Points+ Health Points, or Attack speed
  • Hummingbird Weapon
  • Maze Armour
  • Gordias accuracy, Ground damage resist, and melee damage resistance sub statistics

 Horizon’s advantages and disadvantages

Horizon does not have many disadvantages, as she is one of the best Employees in the game. The following table lists her advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
· Horizon’s ability to control the battlefield is one of the best skills in the game

· 5 percent maximum limit break (MDL) makes her a good unit for both PvP and PvE

· Despite her high deployment cost, she is often used in rush teams due to her knock-back ability

· Enemies that serve as a buff and barrier remover can easily counter her



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