Counter Side: Units

There are more than 100 units that you can obtain and play with in Counter: Side, each of which features unique skills and statistics.

Counter: Side is a strategic mobile game that allows players to assume the role of the chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen. It takes place in a futuristic setting that consists of 2 opposite worlds; a world where the inhabitants are dreadful enemies and a world for mankind. It is your responsibility to fight for the future of the human race by defeating foes.

The game offers players numerous activities and events to partake in, however, you first have to acquire heroes, otherwise known as Employees. Once you have obtained enough units, you will be able to create different formations that generally contain 1 ship and 8 units.

What is the objective of activities?

According to research, having a range of activities and events in a game keeps players interested and engaged in it. It also offers players diverse content, which increases the chances that different types of gamers will find something they enjoy in the game.

Events, on the other hand, are special occurrences occasionally hosted by the game’s developers. Events only occur for a specific duration, during which you have to complete specific tasks to earn desirable rewards. Many players believe that events motivate them to actively participate in the game to receive the rewards.

Counter Side: Units

In your quest to restore harmony and peace to the world, you can create varying teams of unique units. Every unit has distinct abilities and talents that can help you defeat enemies on a 2-dimensional battleground.

Counter Side: Units

There are allegedly more than 100 units for you to collect and use on the battlefield. However, you should note that each employee has different properties which are indicated by various icons. On a unit’s profile you can view their attack type, role, deployment cost, and employee type.

Employee Type has 3 subcategories, namely, Counters, Soldiers, and Mechs. Every type serves a specific purpose on the battlefield. Counters can use powerful skills, whereas Soldiers allow you to outnumber the enemy. Mechs are extremely simple but have powerful hardware that steadily performs its duty of defeating enemies.

Roles, on the other hand, determine a unit’s basic position in combat. The table below outlines and describes each role.

Role Description
Striker They are well-rounded Vanguards.
Ranger These units can defeat enemies from a range.
Sniper Snipers can deal damage to enemies from an ultra-long range.
Defender They serve as a shield for their allies.
Supporter These units have special supporting abilities to ensure their allies perform at their best on the battlefield.
Siege This is a special role, as they only attack bosses.
Tower Towers are a stationary defence unit.

Unit statistics

Every unit in the game has the same statistics, but the number of each statistic that they have differs. This means that some units may have more health points while others have stronger critical ratings. The following table outlines every statistic and gives a description of each:

Statistic Description
Evasion (EVA) It refers to a unit’s evasion rate. The higher the rating, the better. Successful evasion significantly decreases incoming damage.
Hit It decreases an enemy’s evasion rate, which means that it increases damage on enemies upon evasion.
Critical (CRIT) This statistic increases a unit’s critical rating. Critical attacks deal 50 percent more damage.
Defence (DEF) It decreases incoming damage.
Attack (ATK) It determines the amount of damage a unit deals to an enemy.
Health Points (HP) It refers to how long the unit can stay alive. Once it reaches 0, the unit is removed from the battle.

Unit’s skills

As previously stated, every unit in the game possesses unique skills which are divided into basic, special, ultimate, and passive skills. The basic skill is generally referred to as a normal attack, while the passive skill is the unit’s unique ability.

The special skill is very powerful, and it requires a cooldown, which means that it can only be used every few seconds. The ultimate skill is a unit’s most powerful skill as it deals a substantial amount of damage.

Players should note that units may not have an ultimate skill and can have 2 or more passive skills instead. However, it depends on the employee type and rarity.

Counter Side: Units

How to acquire new units

Players can recruit new units by visiting the in-game gacha system, but you either need Quartz or Employment Contracts to participate in this feature. In a Recruitment marked with Ensured Recruitment, a target Employee is always indicated before you use up all your count. This count is reset when an Ensured Recruitment unit is acquired.

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