Counter Side: Awakened Hilde

Awakened Hilde in Counter: Side is an amazing Employee; however, she does not have any other purpose besides being a ‘wall’.

Counter: Side is a thrilling mobile game that allows players to test their strategic abilities in two-dimensional (2D) battles. The game takes place in a modernistic universe where 2 incompatible worlds exist, one where humans reside, and one with terrifying monsters.

As the chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen, it is now your duty to prevent the enemies from invading the human world. The game offers players various activities and occasional events to enjoy, but they first have to procure heroes, also known as Employees.

You will discover standard and Awakened Employees as you advance in the game. Although there are few differences between the two, it is alleged that Awakened Employees are much stronger than the standard versions.

How to procure an Awakened Employee

The game has a gacha and summoning system that allows you to summon varying rarities of Employees using summoning currencies, which can be obtained as you progress in the game.

To summon a standard Employee, players can use an Employee Contract or Quartz. However, you either need Classified Employee Contracts or Admin Coins to summon an Awakened Employee.

Classified Employee Contracts, otherwise referred to as Black Tickets, are rarer than their blue counterparts. You can only acquire a limited number of Black Tickets every month.

Counter Side: Awakened Hilde

One of the Awakened Employees you can summon through the game’s gacha system is Hilde. She takes on the role of a defender on the battlefield by charging at her enemies in the distance while using her barrier to the fullest.

Counter Side: Awakened Hilde

Awakened Hilde is the sturdiest, beefiest, and allegedly, the most annoying wall in the game. Many players believe that she does not have any other purpose besides being a wall type unit. This does not mean she is a bad Employee, but it does mean that she simply does not provide her allies with any other benefits.

Other Defenders can help their team in other ways besides staying alive and keeping the backline out of harm’s way, but Awakened Hilde lacks these qualities. That being said, but she can carry her team through battles with powerful enemies.

Similarly to other Employees, Awakened Hilde has powerful abilities that can be used on the battlefield.

Skill Description
Basic attack Awakened Hilde swings her sword, along with her 2 other skills, Reign and Fafnir, to inflict area-of-effect damage.
Passive Skill: Fafnir’s Descent Once deployed, she instantly knocks targets within an 8-meter range backward in the direction she is facing. She then charges at a target at least 3 meters away from her, which deals AoE damage upon collision. This skill also decreases special skill cooldown by 3 seconds when cast.
Special Skill: Awakened Hilde leaps backward into the air and crashes onto the ground, which inflicts AoE damage. She then creates an impenetrable barrier by 25 percent of her maximum health and becomes immune to all kinds of Hitstun for the barrier’s duration.
Ultimate Skill: Buster Overdrive She charges forward to deal AoE damage to the first enemy in her path. It also decreases her damage taken by 30 percent and makes her immune to all non-permanent debuffs for 10 seconds afterwards.

Awakened Hilde’s statistics

Every character in the game possesses the same statistics, but the quantity that a hero has of each statistic differs. Statistics increase when an Employee reaches their next level, which essentially means that they become stronger.

Awakened Hilde’s statistics, without any gear equipped and with no passive bonuses included, are highlighted in the table below. Her statistics at level 55 are:

Statistic Player-versus-environment Player-versus-player
Evasion 407 407
Hit 458 458
Critical 193 193
Defence 2289 1431
Attack 2281 548
Health 34 148 7423
Counter Side: Awakened Hilde

Recommended gear for Awakened Hilde

Players can obtain distinctive gear sets as they progress in the game. Every gear set has varying abilities and effects that can impact your gameplay.

Although you can equip Awakened Hilde with any type of gear, it is recommended that you do not. Instead, you should focus on the following gear:

Player-versus-environment Player-versus-player
·   Hummingbird Weapon

·   Maze Armor

·   Gordias accuracy

·   Ground damage resistance

·   Melee damage resistance sub-statistics



·   Hummingbird Weapon

·   Maze Armor

·   Gordias Accuracy

·   Ground damage resistance

·   Melee damage resistance sub-statistics

·   Players can also use Skill Haste sub-statistics on hands, and ground resistance on accessories

Awakened Hilda’s disadvantages and advantages

Every character in the game has advantages and disadvantages. Although Awakened Hilde is a fantastic Employee, she is nothing more than a wall. Furthermore, her deployment cost is 6, and some players feel that they can use a more beneficial hero with a reduced deployment cost on their team.

However, Awakened Hilde has amazing tanking capabilities, which means that she is extremely difficult to kill. Thus, she is considered the best defensive unit in the game.

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