Counter Side: Support Squad

Support squads in Counter: Side refers to a friend’s squad that you can use to help you clear a level or stage in the game.

Counter: Side is a popular video game that invites players to enjoy strategic, role-playing gameplay. The game is set in the near future, where 2 opposing worlds exist, a normal world for humans and a world where the erosion enemies live. Players assume the role of the chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen to defeat enemies, guard peace, and fight for the future of humankind.

In your quest to restore peace and harmony to the world, you can create formations consisting of 1 ship and 8 units. Each unit has unique skills and talents that can help you defeat enemies in a 2-dimensional (2D) battleground. The game currently contains more than 100 units that players can collect and use on the battlefield.

Why are units important?

Though units may seem like an unimportant aspect, they play a crucial role in the game. This is because you cannot clear stages or defeat enemies without them. Some players believe that their units need them as much as they need their units.

Units have unique talents and powers that can be used against enemies on the battlefield. However, some units’ talents work better together than others. Thus, it is your responsibility to know which units you should put together in a team.

Counter Side: Support Squad

The objective of the game is to clear stages by defeating various enemies to earn valuable rewards. These rewards may include gold and numerous items that you can use to alter your gameplay positively. Before each battle, you can select the units and ship you want to deploy on the battlefield.

Counter Side: Support Squad

Players should note that there are various gaming modes, otherwise known as operations, and one of them is Free Contract. Similarly to other modes, Free Contract contains different tasks and stages that you have to clear. For stage 3 of task 1, you have to request support during the battle to successfully clear the stage.

It is worth noting that the support squad you deploy during this battle does not contain your own units. Instead, it contains a friend’s units that he or she has assigned as a supporting squad. This means that you are depending on a friend’s team to help you clear that stage.

Every player has to complete this mission at one point or another, as it is part of the daily missions in the game. You can also complete this quest by completing a hard mode story stage, but it is advised that you complete a Free Contract stage instead.

Why is Free Contract locked?

Players may notice that most of the activities and events are locked when they first start playing the game. This is because that content is too difficult for you to complete in the beginning of the game, or you have not met the specific requirements to access the activity.

This means that your level is not high enough to gain access to the Free Contract mode if it is locked. It is recommended that you complete missions in the main story mode to gain experience points and reach higher levels.

How to acquire units

Players will receive powerful units for free during the early stages of the game to help them clear the easier stages. However, these units may not be strong enough to clear mid and endgame content. This means that you have to procure stronger units to clear difficult content in higher levels.

Players can recruit new units by using Quartz or Employment Contracts. In a Recruitment marked with Ensured Recruitment, a target unit always appears before you use up your count. This count is reset once an Ensured Recruitment employee is acquired.

Battle mechanics

As previously mentioned, players have to defeat enemies to successfully clear a stage and move on to the next stage. It Is worth noting that you need deployment resources to deploy your units.

Units, when deployed, fight automatically until their health has been depleted. They then return to base, where you can deploy them again. You have to defeat the boss to win the battle, however, you will lose if your ship is destroyed.

Each unit has a specific role, which can be effective or ineffective against certain other roles. This means that a Ranger is stronger than a Defender, who has an advantage over a Sniper. However, Snipers are quite powerful against Strikers, who are stronger than Rangers.

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