Counter Side: Yang Harim

One of the best player-versus-environment (PvE) Employees you can collect in Counter: Side is Yang Harim, who places powerful buffs on her allies.

Counter: Side is an adventurous mobile game that invites gamers to take on the role of the chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen. The futuristic game features 2 worlds; one is home to mankind and the other contains horrendous enemies. It is your responsibility to form a squad of Employees that can fight for the future of the human race.

In addition to the main storyline, players can test their strategic skills by participating in a range of gaming modes and activities. You can join challenges, complete counter cases, partake in events, and enjoy simulations, however, you first have to collect a few characters, otherwise known as Employees, to enjoy these features.

How to collect an Employee

Players allegedly receive their first few Employees for free while progressing in the game’s main campaign. At some point in the game, you will need stronger heroes, as the content will increase in difficulty. There are a variety of methods players can use to acquire Employees, though the most common is through character recruitment.

This process is gacha-based, meaning that the Employees you get are randomly-generated. To recruit a hero, you either need Employee Contracts or Quarts, both of which you can obtain as you advance in the game.

The game has a range of unit rarities and they determine Employees’ skill power and strength. Players can recruit a Super Supreme Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R), or Normal (N) Employee from the gacha-system.

Counter Side: Yang Harim

The game has more than 100 Employees that gamers can collect and play with, and Yang Harim is one of them. Yang Harim is an all-around support unit. Apparently, she can place powerful buffs and debuffs on both her teammates and her enemies.

Counter Side: Yang Harim

It is believed that Yang Harim is one of the best player-versus-environment supporter Employees in the game. Though some see her as a healer, she is classified as a buffer and a shielder. Yang Harim’s faction is White Rabbit and she is a Counter type unit.

Yang Harim possesses varying statistics, similarly to other Employees, that greatly influence her performance in battle. The higher her statistics are, the better she performs. You can increase Yang Harim’s statistics by increasing her level and through the Awakening process.

Yang Harim’s statistics at level 35, without any gear equipped and with no passive bonuses included, are as follows:

Statistic Player-versus-player Player-versus-environment
Evasion 379 379
Hit 309 309
Critical 261 261
Defence 133 189
Attack 469 1557
Health Points 3733 13798

It is clear that Yang Harim’s statistics differ based on the gaming mode you are in, but this principle does not apply to her gear. Even though you can equip her with any gear sets, it is recommended that you use a set with cooldown reduction in both PvE and PvP modes.

This is advisable because her skills have long cooldowns, meaning that she has to wait for a certain duration of time before she can recast her skills.

Yang Harim’s skills

Yang Harim has some of the best skills in the game, but players should remember to upgrade her so that she can reach her full potential. The table below highlights her skills and describes each one:

Skill Description
Basic Attack Yang Harim fires a machine gun for 5 seconds at targets in the distance. She also swings a sword at nearby targets which inflicts area of effect (AoE) damage.
Passive Skill: Cheerful Friends The Employee summons friends whose appearances are enough to demotivate the enemy. The basic attack decreases their targets’ attack by 10 percent for 5 seconds.
Special Skill: Bear Up Yang Harim summons a bear that supports her with magic. It creates a barrier equal to 15 percent of health around all allies within range and increases their skill haste by 20 percent for 10 seconds.
Ultimate Skill: Time of an All-out Attack Yang Harim summons all her friends for an all-out attack. It increases all allies’ attack by 20 percent for 15 seconds and inflicts AoE damage on enemies, while simultaneously decreasing their skill haste by 20 percent.

Yang Harim’s advantages and disadvantages

All Employees have advantages and disadvantages, and Yang Harim’s are:

Advantages Disadvantages
·  Yang Harim provides her allies with multiple barriers

·  She places a debuff on enemies with her basic attack

·  She has a 40 percent skill haste buff

·  In PvP mode, Awakened Na Yubin can counter Yang Harim. Players should thus be careful when they use her



Should you use Yang Harim for PvP?

As previously mentioned, Yang Harim is one of the best PvE Employees in the game, however, you can still use her for PvP. She is allegedly great in PvP mode on new servers, but she struggles later on, as Awakened Na Yubin inverts her shields and other Employees remove the buffs.

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