Counter Side: Hilde

There are various Employees you can collect in Counter: Side, and one of which is Hilde; a powerful buffing unit that deals massive Area of effect (AoE) damage.

Counter: Side is a popular mobile game that puts players’ strategic abilities to the test in two-dimensional (2D) battles. The game is set in a futuristic universe, where 2 opposing worlds exist, one for mankind and one in which horrific enemies reside. As the chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen, it is your responsibility to fight for the future of the human race.

There are numerous activities and events that you can enjoy in the game, but you first have to advance in the main storyline. This is because some features are locked, however, you can access them once you have met the necessary requirements.


You can collect numerous characters, otherwise known as Employees, as you progress in the game. Employees have varying properties, such as deployment cost, type, role, and attack type. The different types of Employees you can find in the game are as follows:

Type Description
Counter These Employees use powerful skills to defeat their foes
Soldiers You can outnumber your enemies with the use of Soldiers, as they cost less to deploy
Mech Even though mechs are extremely simple, they possess powerful hardware that steadily performs its duty

Every Employee takes on a specific role in battle, but you should bear in mind that every role serves a certain purpose. You can thus find strikers, rangers, supporters, siege machines, snipers, defenders, and towers on the battlefield.

Counter Side: Hilde

The game offers gamers over 100 Employees to collect and play with, and one of them is Hilde. Not only is Hilde one of the three protagonists, but she is also the most loved Employee in the game, in both her normal and awakened versions.

Counter Side: Hilde

She takes on the role of a Striker on the battlefield, and it costs approximately 3 points to deploy her. Since Hilde is a Counter unit, she possesses incredible talents that she can use to defeat her enemies. The table below lists her skills and describes each one:

Skill Description
Basic Attack Hilde moves forward while knocking enemies backward with AoE damage.
Passive skill: Valkyrie’s Will Hidle uses her experience fighting otherworldly foes to control others. When she is deployed, she inflicts AoE damage around her and increases all counters’ attacks by 10 percent.
Special Skill: Twin Blade Hilde brandishes two swords and moves forward to inflict AoE damage
Ultimate Skill: Dragon Slayer Hilde leaps backward into the air before crashing to the ground, which deals massive AoE damage. She is invincible until she touches the ground.

It is worth noting that these skills can be improved as Hilde advances to higher levels. This essentially means that she will become much stronger, which will help you clear difficult content and defeat powerful enemies.

Gear recommendations for Hilde

You can acquire distinctive gear sets while you progress in the game, and each one has varying abilities and effects.

Although you can equip Hilde with any gear, it is advised that you choose a set with a Health Point focus for both player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) gaming modes. This is because Hilde’s health is not the best in the game, and she will benefit greatly from additional health.

Hilde’s statistics

All Employees in the game have the same statistics, but the quantity that a hero has of each statistic differs. Statistics increase when the Employee reaches the next level, which means they become stronger with each new level.

Hilde’s statistics without any gear equipped and with no passive bonuses included are listed in the table below. Her statistics at level 80 are:

Statistic Player-versus-player Player-versus-environment
Evasion 1070 1070
Hit 380 380
Critical 468 468
Defence 318 590
Attack 616 3069
Health 6550 35665

Is Hilde one of the best Employees in the game?

All the Employees are divided into distinct tiers, based on their strength, skills, talents, and statistics. The Z-tier generally has the best units in the game and the lowest tier has below average Employees. Hence, gamers should try to create squads that only contain Z-tier heroes, as they can clear content very easily.

Hilde forms part of tier-4, which means that she is an average-to-decent hero, but she may struggle to clear difficult content.

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