Counter Side: Appraisal

Players can improve their Employees in Counter: Side in numerous ways, one of which is Salary Negotiation, however, it requires Appraisal.

In this exciting mobile game, Counter: Side, you are invited to put your strategic abilities to the test. The futuristic game allows players to assume the role of the chief executive officer (CEO) of Kefen. It is your responsibility to assign Counters to defeat unknown monsters and protect the world.

To help you restore peace to the world and defeat enemies, you can create formations of units, otherwise called Employees. Players can recruit Employees using the in-game gacha system, but keep in mind that some units are stronger than others. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to improve and upgrade your Employees.

Improving your Employees

The game currently offers players more than 100 Employees to obtain and play with. Bear in mind that every unit is part of a specific tier, or rarity. An Employee’s rarity is determined by their strength and abilities, which means that some are rarer than others.

A Normal unit is not as powerful as a Supreme Rare unit. If your team only contains Normal units, you may struggle to defeat difficult stages. Hence, it is important to improve and upgrade your units’ statistics and skills so that they can clear mid and endgame content.

Counter Side: Appraisal

One of the ways you can improve your Employees is through Salary Negotiation, which can increase a unit’s experience and loyalty significantly. You should do this with all of your Employees in a formation, as it directly increases the power of your heroes by increasing their base statistics.

Counter Side: Appraisal

This process requires Appraisals and Credits. The number of Appraisals you use affects your Credit cost and the resulting experience points.

The final negotiation results vary, as they depend on your negotiation success chance. Players should remember that they cannot use this feature if they do not have any Appraisals. You can procure these Appraisals in the game:

Type Description
Appraisal Slightly increases the target’s experience and loyalty.
High Appraisal Adequately increases the unit’s loyalty and experience.
Special Appraisal Significantly increases an Employee’s experience and loyalty.

Players receive a specific number of Appraisals when they start playing the game. It is recommended that you carefully decide if you want to improve Employees, and which ones you want to improve, as Appraisals are quite laborious to procure.

You can get Appraisals by heading to the Simulation part of the Operation menu. Here you will find 3 sections, and one of them rewards you with Appraisals. You can only complete 2 missions daily, however, you can purchase Simulation Tickets, which allow you to complete more missions.

It is noteworthy that the price of Simulation Tickets increases every time you purchase a ticket. As such, it is advised that free-to-play players only purchase 1 ticket daily.

Alternatively, you can participate in the Supply Operation to get Appraisals. Although some players believe that this method is not as efficient as Simulation farming.

Can you get Appraisals through Counter Case?

In Counter Case, players can view the cases of the units they have procured. The cases include Employees’ background files, which can be checked to receive special rewards. It is worth noting that the cases also contain cutscenes, and if you view them, you will earn a reward.

You can view the cases in sequential order to follow the storyline. Each Employee’s last case generates a special reward for the specific unit. Players can allegedly receive Appraisals by completing specific unit’s cases. In addition to Appraisals, you can get a variety of items, which can impact your gameplay.

What are Credits?

As previously mentioned, you need both Appraisals and Credits to improve a unit’s loyalty and experience points. Credits are a particularly important currency and they are available abundantly at any point in the game. It functions very similarly to gold in other role-playing titles, and it is used to upgrade your collected units, ships, and gear.

You can also use Credits to purchase items from the in-game shop, but some items are incredibly expensive. Therefore, you should carefully consider the purchase before potentially wasting your Credits.

What is loyalty?

Salary Negotiation not only increases a unit’s statistics and experience, but also their loyalty. It is essentially an affection system with which you can increase your relationship with your Employees.

Even if you use a normal Appraisal, a unit’s loyalty still increases. However, it increases a lot more when you use the Special Appraisal. Once your unit has reached 100 loyalty, you can offer them a lifetime contract.

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