STFC: Patch 62

Scopely recently released update 62 for STFC and it introduced the first ever Enterprise arc along with new enemies, missions and officers.

Star Trek Fleet Command’s developer, Scopely, regularly updates the game to introduce new content and new in-game events, and to resolve known issues. On Tuesday, 9 January 2024, Scopely released the patch notes for update 62.

According to the patch notes, Scopely introduced the first-ever Enterprise series arc as well as an extension to the Ex-Borg faction and a new hostile called the Xindi. Commanders are also able to complete new missions and challenges to test their skills.

Players level 40 and higher will be able to experience the Ex-Borg faction update. You can now climb through 5 new reputation titles and encounter 25 new powerful favors.

These favors range from extremely advantageous efficiencies to enhancing your combat capabilities against specific hostiles.

STFC: Patch 62
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The Ex-Borg faction will require that you take on the Xindi, who have the ability to completely bypass the shields. This means that they are able to deal direct damage to your hull with a powerful weapon which charges extremely quickly.

Keep in mind, however, that you need to obtain the new favor, “Particle Beam Delay” before you attempt to take on these enemies.

The only way to procure this new favor is by using Ex-Borg Credits. Once you have the new favor, you can head to the new Delphic Expanse systems and attempt to vanquish the Xindi from the STFC galaxy.

In addition to the new enemy and faction update, players can enjoy a new battle pass, which features a variety of rewards. Commanders can also progress through season 2 of Territory Capture when it begins near the end of January 2024.


If you advance through the Ex-Borg Faction you will encounter new buffs, each of which provides your fleet with powerful effects. The following table lists these buffs and describes each one:

Buff Description
Critical Damage Floor With this buff, no matter how much your critical damage is reduced, it never depletes below the floor. When maxed, this favor will increase your crit floor to 100 percent, which means that your critical damage will never be less than 100 percent of normal damage.
Defensive Repair Stance, Emergency Protocol and PvP Mending These buffs will essentially repair a percentage of the hull damage that you took in combat in specific situations. Their effects can be crucial for maximizing efficiency when taking on the many enemies in the galaxy.
Shield Bypass Although this is not technically a buff, it allows you to bypass all shields and do damage directly to the hull. Players must ensure that they select their crew and vessel accordingly.

New Missions

The new Enterprise series arc picks up 200 years after the Temporal Cold War plotline from season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise.

In the current times, the Xindi have just become members of the Federation, but unbeknownst to the faction, they are being manipulated just as they were 200 years before.

Commanders can progress through 10 new Core Missions to discover more about the Enterprise arc, and there are also 10 new side missions.

Players should note that the side missions are not mandatory to complete, but completing them will earn you  rich rewards.

Territory Capture Season 2

As previously mentioned, update 62 introduced season 2 of Territory Capture along with a new battle pass and various cosmetics. If you progress through the new battle pass, you can earn officer shards for the Rare T’Pol and Trip Tucker.

Scopely revealed that they have taken players’ feedback into consideration and made several changes to Territory Capture.

Unfortunately, the developers are yet to reveal what the changes are that they implemented to the game mode, though we recommend that you keep an eye on the official STFC website as Scopely will release more information in the near future.

New Officers

Commanders can now collect officer shards for 2 new officers, the Epic Trip Tucker and the rare T’Pol. In order to procure their officer shards, you have to advance in the new battle pass.

Similarly to other officers in STFC, T’Pol and Trip Tucker have amazing abilities that can be used to vanquish hostiles and other players.

The table below lists their abilities with a description of each:

Officer Officer ability Below Deck ability
Trip Tucker Things Blow Up: When you take damage from a hostile or another player, he decreases your opponent’s critical damage by a percentage for 2 rounds Hand in the Cookie Jar: Increases the number of resources that players will receive for destroying Hirogen and Species 8472 hostiles.
T’Pol Threats are Illogical: She increases protected cargo by a certain percentage. Vulcan Hydraulics: Increases Ore mining speed by a percentage.

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