STFC: Ex-Borg Favors

STFC Commanders level 40 and higher can now unlock Ex-Borg Favors, which will provide your fleet with a variety of bonuses

A recent Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) update introduced various new officers, missions and refits to the game.

The update also revealed that a new enemy, the Xindi, have made specific systems in the game their home. In order to vanquish the Xindi, you need to acquire Ex-Borg Favors.

Ex-Borg Favors

Update 62 introduced 25 new Ex-Borg favors and if you unlock them, your fleet will receive numerous buffs and bonuses.

The benefits include but are not limited to increasing the number of broken ship parts received or optimizing Voyager progression, to enhancing your combat capabilities against the Xindi.

STFC: Ex-Borg Favors
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It is noteworthy that every Ex-Borg favor has a unique objective, for instance, the Offensive Repair Stance will allow for a portion of the damage received to be repaired in combat.

The Critical Floor favor, on the other hand, will ensure that when your critical damage is reduced by a hostile, it never drops below a specific percentage.

The Critical Floor favor can be extremely useful, especially in battles against the Xindi, as it can bypass your shields and deal damage directly to your hull. Additionally, you can unlock the following Ex-Borg favors:

  • Xindi Escalation
  • Particle Beam Delay
  • Borg Armada Spoils
  • Explorer Parts Plunder
  • Battleship Parts Plunder
  • Interceptor Parts Plunder
  • Galaxy Plundering
  • Monaveen Barrage Amplifier
  • Defensive Repair Stance
  • Explorer Emergency Protocol
  • Battleship Emergency Protocol
  • Interceptor Emergency Protocol
  • Explorer PvP Mending
  • Battleship PvP Mending
  • Interceptor PvP Mending
  • Offensive Repair Stance
  • Combat Stratagem
  • Choice Material Construction
  • Choice Resource Construction
  • Pure Axionic Servos
  • Survey Assembly Line
  • Explorer Assembly Line
  • Battleship Assembly Line
  • Interceptor Assembly Line

How to unlock Ex-Borg Favors

In order to unlock Ex-Borg Favors, players have to accumulate Ex-Borg Credits. Unfortunately, the only way you can procure Ex-Borg Credits is by exchanging your Xindi Scraps in the Ex-Borg Store.

Commanders level 40 and higher have to vanquish the Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships as well as the Xindi-Reptilian Warships to earn Xindi Scraps.

Players will normally receive Common and Uncommon Ex-Borg Credits, however, there is  a chance that you could get Rare and Epic Ex-Borg Credits by exchanging your Xindi Scraps.

Which favors should you unlock first?

Since there is a variety of favors available, it can be difficult to decide which favors to unlock first. We recommend that you unlock the Particle Beam Delay as soon as possible, as it delays the Xindi’s ‘go home weapon.’

STFC players should also unlock Xindi Escalation, which increases the amount of loot you will receive after vanquishing a Xindi hostile.

Additionally, you can unlock Critical Damage Floor as it prevents your critical damage from dropping below a certain percentage.

Other uses of the Ex-Borg Credits

In addition to using your Ex-Borg Credits to unlock favors, you can use the credits for:

Quality Uses
Uncommon Credits Players can exchange these credits for materials, ship parts or the materials required to power a variety of active ship abilities.
Rare Credits You can trade these in for artifact shards, FKR faction reputation and credits, or shards of the Voyager officers.
Epic Credits Commanders can use these credits to level and tier up Forbidden Tech, exclusive cosmetics or ops-specific bundles

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