STFC: Xindi

STFC’s recent update introduced the Xindi, which is a new enemy type that requires a strategic approach in battle.

On Tuesday, 9 January 2024, Scopely released the patch notes for update 62, which introduced new content, missions and a new story arc to Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The patch notes revealed that players can now encounter a brand new hostile known as the Xindi as they travel through the galaxy.

The Xindi have the ability to completely bypass the shields. This means that they will deal damage directly to your hull with their extremely powerful weapon which charges quickly.

The update also introduced more than 15 new systems which are home to the Xindi hostiles. These enemies will be the first ones in the game to have multiple buffs and therefore, they require a more strategic approach to combat.

STFC: Xindi
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Before you try to defeat the Xindi, we recommend that you advance through the ranks of the Ex-Borg faction. The update introduced 5 new Ex-Borg reputation brackets, however, only players level 40 and higher will have access to these brackets.

Once you reach bracket 10, you will receive the Particle Beam Delay, which is vital to your success in disrupting the Xindi Weapon systems. Commanders can procure this new favor using Ex-Borg Credits.

After obtaining the Particle Beam Delay, you can go to the new Delphic Expanse systems where you will encounter Xindi-Reptilian Warships and Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships. If you defeat these hostiles, you will receive Xindi Scraps as well as Xindi Bounties.

Keep in mind that both of these items have unique objectives and can have a great effect on your gameplay.

Xindi systems

The Xindi have made the new Delphic Expanse systems their home, however, the different levels of the hostile only spawns in specific systems.

The table below lists where you can find the Xindi based on their levels:

Name Level Systems
Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warship 41
  • Fairsingez
  • Valendel
  • Voxis
  • Renghad
  • Rotanara
  • Caelor
  • Utelyion
Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warship 51
  • Dulwei
  • Nordus
  • Eviorea
  • Samhailan
  • Pherinides
  • Gunnar
Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warship 61
  • Henzyyr
  • Zelmis
  • Torgoth
Xindi-Reptilian Scout 34
  • Selethal
  • Kerotria
  • New Xindus
Xindi-Reptilian Warship 40
  • Voxis
  • Rotanara
  • Caelor
Xindi-Reptilian Warship 46
  • Valendel
Xindi-Reptilian Warship 50
  • Nordus
Xindi-Reptilian Warship 53
  • Samhailan
Xindi-Reptilian Warship 55
  • Gunnar
Xindi-Reptilian Warship 57
  • Dulwei

Xindi Scraps

As previously explained, Xindi-Reptilian Warships and Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships drop Xindi Scraps. Commanders can exchange Xindi Scraps in the Store.

They will normally be exchanged for Common and Uncommon Credits, however, there is a chance that you could get Rare and Epic quality ones.

Commanders level 38 and higher will have access to the Ex-Borg Faction Store, which allows you to purchase 25 new favors. These favors are purchasable with Ex-Borg Credits, which can be obtained by exchanging Xindi Scraps.

If you defeat the Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships, you will also receive Xindi Bounties, which can be turned in for greater rewards.

Xindi Crew

Since the release of the Xindi hostiles, Commanders have been trying to put together the perfect team to defeat them. Although you can use any crew to vanquish the Xindi from the STFC galaxy, this is not recommended.

This is because some officers and crew combinations will perform better against the Xindi than other officers and crew combinations.

On the official STFC Discord channel, a STFC player named xADx mentioned that you can use E-Picard, E-Data and Janeway to vanquish the Xindi.

Another STFC player, CaptainCuyware, revealed that gamers can use any officer that does not trigger crits. He further explained that the choice of crew is irrelevant, as you will not be able to do anything meaningful with them for the time being.

Xindi Ships

Commanders can encounter Xindi-Reptilian Warships and Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships by exploring the new systems.

Similarly to other ships in STFC, these hostiles have an array of statistics and weapons, and  the level of the ship determines its statistics.

The following table lists some of the statistics for the  Xindi-Reptilian Warships and Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships:

Ship name Level Power Attack Defense Health
Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warship 41 14 941 333 9 280 751 1 517 340 4 143 242
Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warship 61 5 980 850 751 3 661 865 736 1 141 347 975 1 177 637 040
Xindi-Reptilian Scout 34 520 715 220 690 230 595 69 430
Xindi-Reptilian Warship 40 13 154 607 8 865 689 588 150 3 700 768
Xindi-Reptilian Warship 44 3`301 740 21 780 670 1 182 475 8 338 595

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