Lost Ark: Korea Patch Notes

Lost Ark recently released the Road Map update for players enjoying the game on the Korean servers, though the content has not been released globally.

There is something for everyone in the open, vast world of Lost Ark. Players can choose from diverse classes, discover their style and explore 7 continents, hundreds of islands and all the seas between them.

You will also get the opportunity to engage with fascinating cultures, befriend or battle magnificent beasts and discover an immersive lore.

Korea Patch Notes

Lost Ark was initially released in South Korea in December 2019, but in February 2022, the game was released in Europe, North America and South America.

Since the game was released in South Korea before other locations, some content is initially released on South Korean servers before it is released on the global servers.

This is why most Lost Ark players are interested in the Korean Patch Notes as they can then determine which content they can expect on the global servers.

That being said, the content announced for the Korean servers is generally only released much later on the global servers.

The developers recently released an Eclipse Update Roadmap for Season 2 of Lost Ark for the Korean servers.

The October 2023 roadmap includes a new Chaos Gate, Class Balance adjustments, new Avatar Package, new Battle Item Storage and the second Music Box of Memory.

For November 2023, players can expect the 5th Anniversary Event, a Contest Avatar transformation skin as well as the Hanumanthan Ordeal.

The roadmap also revealed that the Corps Commander, Carmen Reid, Carmen Road, Transcendence System, Bescal, Gateway Shortening and Legendary Avatar 3 were introduced in October 2023.

Avatar Packages

Lost Ark players enjoying the game on the Korean servers can now purchase a variety of packages to customize their characters.

The packages you can purchase are as follows:

Package name Price Contents
Dream Package Special 55 000 Royal Crystals
  • Dream Demon Avatar Selection Box
  • Wallpaper: Spooky Witch’s Forest
  • Mongma pet selection box
  • 500 Crystals
Mongma Package Advanced 36 000 Royal Crystal
  • Dream Demon Avatar Box
  • Mongma pet Selection Box
Dream Demon Avatar Selection Box 24 000 Royal Crystals
  • Temptation Dream Set
  • Pleasure Dream Set
Mongma pet Selection Box 15 000 Royal Crystals
  • Mongma pet

Selection Boxes

If you purchase a package, you will receive the Dream Demon Avatar Selection Box and the Mongma pet Selection Box.

When using the Dream Avatar Selection Box, you can select one of 2 designs and obtain a head, top, bottom and face 2.

Alternatively, you can get a head, top, bottom and face avatar which matches your class. You can select the Temptation Dream set or the Pleasure Dream Set.

Keep in mind that both sets can be dyed, but the dyeing range may vary based on the design. The Mongma pet Selection Box allows players to select and procure a pet that can follow you on your adventures.

Lost Ark: Korea Patch Notes
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When will the content be released on global servers?

As previously explained, Lost Ark generally releases new content on the Korean servers before releasing it on the global servers.

At the time of writing this, it is unknown when the content announced in the Korean Roadmap will be released on all of the other servers.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the official Lost Ark website as all official announcements, patch notes and updates are released on the website.

Royal Crystals

Unfortunately, the only way you can acquire these new packages on the Korean servers is by using Royal Crystals. Royal Crystals are the only currency in the game that can be purchased exclusively with real-life money.

With Royal Crystals, you can also obtain Gold, which is considered the king of all currencies in the game. Lost Ark players should remember that they are not directly purchasing gold with Royal Crystals.

Instead, RCs are converted to Blue Crystals and once the game finds other players who are selling gold at the same gold-to-Blue Crystal rate, the deal can be made.

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