STFC: Patch 57

Scopely recently released the patch notes for STFC’s update 57, which introduced several new features to the game.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game which invites players to explore a vast galaxy. To progress in the game, you have to complete space-based missions, build ships and recruit officers.

The game’s developer, Scopely, recently released the patch notes for update 57, which introduces new features to STFC.

STFC: Patch 57

On Tuesday, 8 August 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for update 57, which is called Voyager part 4.

This update introduces new Forbidden Tech, new officers, new missions, an event store, an extension to the Station Tree G5 Commanders and new Rare Formation Armadas.

Players can now test their abilities in the new Formation Armada difficulty by delivering new Rare opponents located in five new systems, which are being announced in August 2023.

Keep in mind, however, that these new targets are not Species 8472, they are the Borg.

You can acquire the directives for the new hostiles in the seven-day loyalty chest. Similarly to the Uncommon Formation Armadas, the goal is to destroy 3 nodes simultaneously to defeat the target completely.

That means that there are rewards not only for being a part of the team that defends the node, but also for everyone if all 3 nodes are destroyed. Players can earn Complex Nanotech for defeating the Rare Formation Armadas.

This item can be exchanged for an array of items, including Voyager officer shards and rare Fleet Commander Skill Points.

Station Tree Expansion

Commanders level 57 and higher can now enjoy the new Station Tree Expansion, which comprises 39 nodes and 4 prime nodes.

The new nodes will provide a plethora of opinions that will help you with the cost and time efficiency when upgrading your station and fleet.

The 4 prime nodes focus on:

  • Increasing the daily Syndicate experience point claim
  • Providing a Fleet Commander Credits gift bundle
  • Increasing the cost efficiency of some ships
  • Fleet Commander Skill Point Cost efficiency


Update 57 introduced 3 new prime nodes which focus on Shield health, Isolytic Damage and Isolytic Mitigation:

Tree Description
  • Prime: Isolytic Damage Boost: Isolytic damage for all ships is increased by 5 and 10 percent.
  • Prime: Isolytic Defense Boost: Increases Isolytic Mitigation for all ships by 30 percent
  • Level: 20 and higher

New Officers

STFC players can now get the following officers:

Officer Rarity Officer Ability Below Deck Ability
Seven of Nine Epic Fun will now Commence  On combat start, increases Crit Damage versus Armadas by a certain percentage Tertiary Adjunct: On combat start, increases Isolytic Damage in PvP
Neelix Rare Procurement Consultant: Increases the cost efficiency of the USS Voyagers’ active abilities Now We’re Cooking: You have a chance to generate Burning for 1 round against PvE targets

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