WoW: SoD Patch Notes

Blizzard recently released the patch notes for the Season of Discovery (SoD) expansion for WoW Classic, introducing various new and exciting additions.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is an adventurous video game series that allows players to take control of a Warcraft hero to complete quests and defeat enemies.

WoW Classic runs alongside the main version of the game, however, it largely remained the same since the release of the first expansion.

SoD Patch Notes

Blizzard recently released a huge expansion for WoW classic, introducing a slew of new content and systems players can enjoy.

Season of Discovery (SoD) brings an initial level cap of 25, however, over time the cap will increase to offer players a more progressive end-game experience.

You can also now enjoy a new level-25 end-game 10-player raid, Blackfathom Deeps and it features new mechanics and new reimagined bosses to challenge your tactics and strategies.

By progressing through this raid, you will be rewarded with rich items. In addition to the new raid, players can discover runes, which are hidden throughout Azeroth.

These runes can enhance your character in new and exciting ways as it gives you access to abilities not available in WoW Classic.

Keep in mind though that some runes are hidden in plain sight and some are tucked away, however, others will require teamwork to access.

Furthermore, you can also engrave runes to apply and remove abilities. This new system enables players to customize their build even further as you can now experiment with different abilities to create a unique play experience.

WoW: SoD Patch Notes
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SoD also implemented a new player-versus-player zone; Ashenvale. In this new area you can test your builds and skills against other WoW Classic players.

That being said, the Honor system and Battlegrounds will be available when the PvP system is implemented.

Class changes

Blizzard announced that a series of class changes are being introduced with the SoD update. The following table lists some of the adjustments you can encounter:

Class Adjustments
  • Lava Lash damage increased to 150 percent weapon damage.
  • Overload now has a 50 percent chance to trigger.
  • Dual Wield Specialization now grants an increased 10 percent chance to hit while dual-wielding.
  • Saber Slash, Shiv and Main Gauche will now properly consume Remorseless Attacks.
  • Saber Slash’s tooltip fixed, damage not reduced.
  • Void Plague damage increased by 200 percent.
  • Twisted Faith now increases damage done by Mind Blast and Mind Flay.
  • Flanking Strike is now prevented by Pacify.
  • Flanking Strike now requires a weapon equipped.
  • Starsurge rune ability damage increased by 182 percent.
  • Starsurge mana cost reduced to 1 percent of base mana.

How to access SoD

To begin your SoD adventure, you have to download and install the desktop app.

If you already have the application, you should note that SoD is available to all players with an active WoW subscription. This means that you do not have to purchase the expansion.

If you do not have a WoW subscription, you can subscribe by visiting the shop. Players can open the application and select WoW from the game selection. You then have to select WoW Classic and open the game.

Players then have to select the Season of Discovery realm they want to play on.

New WoW Classic players will have to create and customize a character before they are able to begin their SoD adventure.

SoD Servers

Blizzard also revealed that they have expanded the capacity of their realms for SoD in order to support more players. However, as part of the initial launch, you may still experience some queues to log into the game.

The developers will supposedly be monitoring realm health and populations if additional realms are needed. Blizzard announced that PvP realms have been designed to maintain faction balance as the realms grow.

To help maintain a balance between the factions, creating new characters in a more dominant faction may be temporarily limited to a specific realm until a balance is reestablished.


The Rune system is one of the features introduced with SoD and it enables players to unlock new abilities for their characters.

Keep in mind however that the runes you can use are determined by your character’s class. This essentially means that a Hunter will not be able to use Rogue Runes.

Every WoW class has 12 available runes they can discover and equip to enhance their abilities, but keep in mind that every rune has unique effects.

For example, The Priest rune, Void Plague, afflicts the target with a disease that causes shadow damage, while another rune, Mind Sear, causes an explosion of shadow magic around the enemy target to deal Shadow damage.

We therefore recommend that you experiment with the different runes to discover which runes suit your gameplay.

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