Ragnarok X: Next Generation Knight build

One of the most popular builds in ROX is the Knight, due to his attack speed, unique skills, powerful hits and physical strength.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) is an adaption of the classic, Ragnarok Online massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). ROX gives players the opportunity to relive their days in the land of Midgard, along with their friends.

The game brings back all of the parts of Ragnarok Online that players loved, including the familiar cities, original classes and the exciting monsters. However, it recreates it inch-by-inch with modern graphics along with three dimensional (3D) viewing, which allows players to cherish the world. From Lunatics and Poring’s roaming the fields outside to Prontera, to the zombies of Payon Dungeon, nothing is different, but everything else has changed.

The game offers players multiple quests to complete and numerous activities to do. Players are able to tame a monster to become their pet, participate in various in-game events, complete board missions, join guilds to meet friends, do gardening, go fishing, cook food and participate in the carnival, among others.

Before players can start exploring, they need to create their own digital characters. These characters can be customized by equipping them with various gear, costumes and accessories. It is important to note that the gear and accessories provide the character with additional statistics. Players thus need to equip their characters with the correct gear.

When creating an avatar, players have a choice of six different jobs, such as a Whitesmith, High Priest, Lord Knight, High Wizard, Sniper and Assassin Cross. The following table indicates the job type, as well as a short description of the job:

Job type Job description
High Wizard High Wizards are wise men who use magic to range attack. They have a variety of skills and attributes.
Whitesmith Whitesmiths are known to have amazing forging abilities. They are able to see through the weaknesses of an enemy’s weapons
Sniper Snipers are the sharpshooters of ROX. They are great at attacking the enemies from a distance. Snipers are also able break down enemies’ defences.
Lord Knight Lord Knights are the solid barrier on the battlefield. However, they have the ability to strengthen themselves, which makes them good at defending, and attacking simultaneously.
High Priest High Priests take on the role of a supporter, as they have a good control ability.
Assassin Cross Assassin Cross’ are described as a blade hidden in the dark. They usually aim at the enemy’s weak spot, and they never miss an opportunity to counterattack.


The most popular builds for the Knight class are the Sword Critical Knight and the Spear Knight. It is important to note that the following statistics distribution, skills and gear is recommended for the Sword Critical Knight.

Knight statistics distribution

In the past, players allocated all of their available points into the Agility (AGI) statistic. However, as the game developed, players realized that it is a better option to allocate most of the points into the Strength (STR) statistic.

The Strength statistic affects the melee physical power of the character. Players will be able to deal damage even if no weapons are equipped and if a sufficient amount of STR is invested. It is important to note that the STR value is multiplied to the weapon attack (ATK) to increase damage dealt.

When the player uses melee-type weapons, such as Axes, Books, Daggers, Knuckles and Maces among others, every point of STR has the following effect:

  • The character’s status attack will increase by one percent
  • The character’s weapon attack will increase by 0.5 percent

However, if players use ranged-type weapons, such as Bows, Whips, Guns and Instruments, the following applies:

  • Every five points of STR increases the character’s status attack
  • Every point increases the characters weight limit by 30
  • It is important to note that every point of STR will decrease the Vacuum Extreme duration by 0.04 seconds.

Knights skills

It is advised that players allocate 10 points to the Battle Will passive skill. Additionally, players should increase the Sword Mastery passive skill to the maximum amount. Both these skills will increase the character’s physical attack.

Players can also allocate one point into the Increate Recuperative Power skill. This skill will provide the player with rapid health (HP) regeneration. The Magnum Break skill is recommended for Knights, as it provides a fire enhancement to the character’s weapon. Players can choose to either allocate one or 10 points into the skill. Even though 10 points provide the best statistics, one point is enough.

For the second job skills, it is recommended that players allocate 10 points to Sword Speed Boost. Additionally, players can allocate five points to Cavalry Combat. It is advised that they allocate the maximum points into the Aura Blade skill. Players should also allocate 10 points to Double Blow and 10 points to Cavalry Training.

Players should allocate the remaining points into the Magnum Break skill.

Knights equipment

It is believed that a Two-handed Sword will provide the best statistics to Knights. With regard to the accessories and the talisman, it is advised that players equip items that provide the character with additional attack and attack speed statistics. Players are able to obtain more attack and attack speed by strengthening and refining their gear.

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