Ragnarok X: Next Generation Leveling Guide

Leveling in Ragnarok X: Next Generation is a little straightforward. You can do the main and side quests to get EXP and you can also grind exp from the monsters within your current level.

However, there are some little things that most ROX players often overlook. These little things can give a significant amount of EXP and make you ahead of other players if done right.

Check this monster exp table.

Leveling up fast can have small drawbacks like:

  • You will have a lower chance of getting cards from low-level monsters.
  • The exp and drop penalty due to the level gap between monster and player are the main cons of leveling up fast.

It’s important to remember that the benefits of power-leveling far outweigh these cons. With more levels, you can unlock more content in the game and change your job faster.

Disclaimer: This is a compilation of leveling guides from YouTube, Discord, and in the Internet. All credits goes to the original authors.

Now that you’re ready, let’s dive into the ROX leveling guide.

Level up fast from 1 to 50

The idea of exploring Rune Midgard excites you. Unfortunately, some of the monsters you encountered were beyond the abilities of your character. 

You can level up anywhere you want, but since most of us want to change jobs as soon as possible, then we should focus only on the job experience.

Unlike the previous Ragnarok online games, you need to level up both base and job experience to change jobs. Changing jobs in ROX is as easy as leveling up your job experience to 50, but this guide may help you get there faster.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to level up fast and change jobs.

All we have to do is grind on mobs that give more job experience than base experience. You  should save up your Odin’s Blessings for this mob.

  • As soon as you start the game, focus on the main quest. It will take you just a couple of hours to reach level 25.
  • Make sure you complete the Chamber of Commerce (COC) quest and the mission board quest.
    • We will cover how to optimize leveling using the board and COC quests below.
  • After you reach level 25, you can grind poison spore, which is level 28. Both normal grinds and Odin’s Blessing grinding reward higher levels of job experience from poison spores. Until you reach level 31, grind in Poison Spores.
  • At level 31, go to the Roda frog, which is level 33. You should stay in this area until you reach level  36~37. You might be at job level 50 when you finish the job quest and switch to the second job.

Leveling from job 50 and beyond

Once you change jobs, you can now gain experience while grinding for cards. In order to be stronger, you need cards, and certain cards are extremely valuable at the moment.

Drop rates for cards are very low. Nevertheless, since you are also leveling, why not take the chance? In the end, everyone wins.

Monsters such as Horn, Kukre, Skeleton, Axe skeleton, and Pirate skeleton give nice experiences and cards.

  • Odin’s blessings allow you to grind to Savage at base level 41. After you consume Odin’s blessings, go back to where you grind cards.
  • At base level 43, you can grind Mantis
  • You can grind in Viper once you reach level 45.
  • Once you reach level 50, you can grind in Dessert Wolves

MadkatTV explained this leveling guide pretty well.

Extra Leveling Tips

We’ve included this part as a bonus. Most players overlook these leveling strategies.

Daily Mission Board Quest

Players can earn items and EXP by completing board quests every day. Players tend to complete all quests on the board in one go.

There is a more efficient way to do it if you want to get more EXP. The EXP reward for each quest is different from your current level. 

For example, the daily board exp reward for level 38 is different for level 40 exp reward.

What does this mean?

This means the more level you have, the more EXP these board quests will give you.


  • In case you’re a few exp away from leveling up, do not check all quests
  • Take enough quests to level up. As a result, you will gain more experience from the board quests at your next level.

Weekly Mission

There are ten COC quests weekly that you can do. Every week, you will be given ten quests that have a time limit of one week.

Also, the amount of experience you earn increases as you level up. The daily mission board quest and weekly mission exp rewards work the same way.

Compared to a character that is level 40, your level 38 character will receive fewer experience points.

The weekly quests have a 7-day limit, so it’s likely that you will level up as you complete them. It is a good idea to finish COC quests at the end of the week so you can maximize your exp.

Watch the details leveling guide here:

OX Quiz Event

Joining OX quiz event will give you rewards and huge amount of exp as well. You can check this list of answers for OX Quiz to get a perfect score.

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