Ragnarok X: Next Generation High Priest build

There are currently three builds for High Priests in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, two damage dealing build and one support build, however, the latter is recommended for PvP.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX) is a mobile massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), that has maintained the spirit of the well-loved, classic Ragnarok Online. However, ROX has introduced new features and mechanics into the MMORPG, breathing fresh air into the already saturated genre.

Players are able to explore the fantasy world of Midgard, however, an evil presence soon threatens to destroy the world. Players will get lost in the bright and luxuriant world with its mesmerizing art style, which captures the real charm of the game.

The game allows players to create their own digital avatars to save and explore the world. The avatars can be customized by equipping powerful gear, costumes and accessories. Players can also upgrade their avatars with better equipment, which will allow the player to proceed in the game.

When creating an avatar, players have a choice of six different jobs, such as an Assassin Cross, Sniper, Lord Knight, High Wizard, High Priest and a Whitesmith.

Job type Job information
Assassin Cross This avatar is seen as a blade hidden in the dark. They usually aim at the enemy’s weak spot, and they never miss an opportunity to counterattack
Sniper Snipers are the sharpshooters. They are great at attacking the enemies from a distance and are capable of breaking enemies’ defences.
Lord Knight Lord Knights are seen as the most solid barrier on the battlefield. However, this avatar has the skills to strengthen himself, which makes him good at defending, and attacking.
High Wizard These avatars are described as wise men, who use magic to range attack. They have various skills and attributes.
High Priest High Priests are great at supporting, and they give a good control ability. They are also able to influence the battlefield.
Whitesmith These avatars have amazing forging abilities. Whitesmiths are able to see through the weaknesses of an enemy’s weapons, and attack accordingly.

High Priest

High Priests are known as a support class, as they offer buffs and heals to their teammates in both player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP). However, it is sometimes necessary for High Priests to do damage, which makes them a perfect hybrid role.

There are currently three builds available for High Priests: two damage dealing builds and one support build. All three builds depend on enhancing their Vigour, or Haste, skill to reduce cool down reduction (CDR). Players will then be able to spam their skills for longer. The main reason for this is that High Priests do not have any other damage sources.

It is important to note that High Priests have 15 skills, players thus have to balance out the skill points allocation in both trees to utilize them fully.

Damage dealing build

This build uses a one-handed staff and a shield in the offhand. As this build uses a shield, the High Priest will have more vitality and will deal more physical damage. This also means that the High Priest will be more ‘tankier’ than other builds.

Gear and cards

It is recommended that the one-handed staff increases the player’s magic attack and magic defence penetration. While the offhand shield should increase the maximum vitality and provide a magic damage bonus, the staff and shield should have a side winder card.

The character’s boots should provide a magic defence and increase the vitality. The cloak should increase the physical defence and also increase vitality. It is recommended that al armour has a dustiness card to increase vitality.

While the accessories should offer increased Haste and Magic Attack, the accessories can have multiple cards, such as Pirate Skeleton for magic penetration and Soldier Skeleton for Final Vigour.

Recommended skills for damage dealing build

Active skills for damage dealers Passive skills for damage dealers Auras and Buffs for damage dealers
Heal Soul Mender Blessing
Strike Holy booster Increase agility
Heal strike Magnificat Light blessing
Holy light Zen Asperio
Sanctuary Divine protection
Turn undead Pneuma
Impositio (PvP)
Kyrie Eleison

 Support build

The High Priest support build is recommended for player-versus-player (PvP) content, especially dungeons, mini bosses and world bosses. Players following this build should increase their Haste, or Vigour as much as possible, without sacrificing other skills. Lower cool down reduction (CDR) is crucial for a support build.

Players should also increase their intelligence (INT). The higher the INT, the stronger the heals would be for their support class. It is recommended that players equip gear with enchantments that will give them as much INT as possible.

Skills for support

It is recommended that players remove all the damage dealing skills, and rather focus on supporting skills.

Active skills for support Passive skills for support Auras and Buffs for support
Heal Soul mender Increase agility
Blessing Magnificat
Kyrie Eleison Angelus
Signum crucis
Imposito Manus


The High Priest damage dealing build is recommended for players focusing on player-versus-environment, while the support build is for players focusing on player-versus-player. Even though there are not a lot of differences, the support build does not have any damage-dealing skills. Instead, they provide buffs for their team.

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