Ragnarok X: Next Generation Card Collection Event

The card collection event duration is from May 28, 2021 to June 18, 2021.

Event Details

The biggest giveaway event before the OBT is online.

Participation Method:
Click on the link to enter the website, bind registration, create a card pool, and you can start the journey of collecting the cards.

[Phase 1] May 28 – June 18
Light up the card pool of yourself and your friends 5 times a day. Don`t forget to invite friends to share cards. This will increase the card collecting effect.
After OBT, corresponding crystal rewards will be issued according to the number of cards collected.
1 Million Crystal Grand Prize can be obtained if you collect more than 180 cards. (Including 180 cards)

[Phase 2] June 18 – July 18
Together we ROX!
Together we enter the same server!
Together we join the same guild!
Unite as one to win the advanced rewards.

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Source: Ragnarok X: Next Generation official Facebook page

Card Collection Event Rules

card collection event rules screenshot
Please follow the rules.

These are the rules that players need to follow during the card collection event:

  1. Please first log in and bind your account to join the event. The number of non-duplicate cards will be recorded in the players’ Personal Center. Duplicated cards are counted as one.
  2. After binding their account, players become the initiator and get their own card pool. The initiator gets any cards lit up by others joining through the share link and lighting up cards.
  3. Once an initiator’s Card Pool is created, the page’s Card Pool refreshes daily at 00:00 (UTC + 7).
  4. Adventurers can only light up one card from the same pool once per day, with a total of 5 chances per day.
  5. Players who come to the page via a shared link can clip a card to collect it and earn random Crystal rewards in the Personal Center.
  6. Adventurers can also create their own Card Pool under the initiator’s Card Pool and become an initiator themselves through sharing.
  7. There are a total of 183 cards, and final rewards are split into 5 levels:
    1. ≥180 total cards, you will obtain 1,000,000 Crystals
    2. ≥160 and <180 total cards, you will obtain 500,000 Crystals
    3. ≥130 and <160 total cards, you will obtain 100,000 Crystals
    4. ≥100 and <130 total cards, you will obtain 20,000 Crystals
    5. ≥60 and <100 total cards, you will obtain 5,000 Crystals
  8. The Card Collection event will take place from 28/05/2021 to 18/06/2021
  9. All Crystals obtained on this event page will be sent to players’ accounts by in-game mail after OBT.
  10. Players can link all created characters on their account to this page on 18th June. Guild Rally Packs are based on the total number of characters of players bound to this page.
  11. The final interpretation rights of this event belong to the ROX publisher. If you have any issues, please consult the game’s official community or customer service center.

ROX Card Collection Event Guide, Tips & Tricks

You can get more crystals from the card event by sharing your card pool and inviting friends to join in this event.

How to obtain 1 million crystals in OBT gift pack?

  • Step 1: Adventurers should link an account they will use to log in to the game to join the event.
  • Step 2: Adventurers share to Facebook to become the card collection initiator, establishing their own daily Card Pool, and invite friends to light up and collect cards together.
  • Step 3: Adventurer’s Card Pools refresh at 00:00 (UTC + 7) every day. Each adventurer can light up to five cards per day
  • Step 4: Friends can join the event through the shared link. After logging in, they can light up a card to obtain that card and the corresponding amount of Crystals. The initiator will also obtain the card.
  • Step 5: Obtained cards will be shown in the adventurer’s Personal Center, and repeated cards will only count as one. Adventurers can gift up to 10 repeated cards to friends through the share link each day.

How to send duplicate card?

In this event, there’s a high chance that you will get a duplicate card. Don’t worry, this guide will help you deal with duplicate cards by sending them to your friends.

  1. Tap and choose the duplicate card.
  2. Click “tap to choose a card” and it will generate a Chinese message.
  3. Share the card with your friends.
    1. To generate a share link, go to the event landing page and select the pink button “share it”.
    2. You need to log in to your FB profile and select send via private message instead of sharing it on your FB wall.
  4. There it is, your duplicate cards are now gone in your inventory and sent to your friend.

Another trick is by creating a private or public Facebook group and invite your friends to join. You can dump all your duplicate share link so the members can receive it.

Tips to find what cards you don’t have yet

This guide is shared by Mii ♪ from official discord. All credits goes to him.

  1. Download the “Download All Image” extension from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Download all the images from your card event profile using the “Download All Image” extension
  3. Download all cards images from ROMCODEX using “Download All Image”, some of those cards might not appear in this event, but it’s better than nothing
  4. Download any image comparer or duplicate photo software.
  5. Dxtract your card event images to “folder 1” and extract your ROMCODEX cards images to “folder 2”
  6. Dse your image comparer/duplicate software to check the duplicate cards. some software can delete the duplicate card in “folder 2” right away.

ROX Card Collection Event FAQ

Some players might experience technical issues while doing the event. We will try to answer as many questions as possible.

I can’t login using Google Play in this card collection event.

Clear your browser’s cache. For faster result, just use incognito and try to log in again. This is a common issue amongst players caused by the previous pre-registration event.

How to unlink the card event registration? I messed up on linking my iPhone instead of Facebook.

Clear your browser’s cookies or use incognito mode.


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