PSO2 NGS: Light Kvaris Plum

Players can gather the Light Kvaris Plums while exploring the open world of PSO2: NGS and they can be used to recover Photon Points.

In this exhilarating video game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS), players can put their tactical abilities to the test. You can become part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) that will team up with a secretive ally to combat a powerful threat known as the DOLLS.

The game takes place on a persistent planet known as Halpha, a thousand years after the adventures of Oracle. While you are progressing in the main story arc, you can enjoy an array of activities and in-game events.

You can complete side quests, discover regions, collect gear and weapons, and gather materials, one of which is Light Kvaris Plums.


Materials can be obtained from many sources, such as the login bonus, mission pass, and from gathering. As you explore the vast open world, you can discover different materials, such as ores, fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

Unlike its predecessor, Phantasy Star Online 2, New Genesis does not have a stamina system in place for gathering, so what you see in the field is what you get.

Once a material is gathered, it will not reappear until the timer is reset. You should note that each material in the game has a unique purpose in the game.

PSO2 NGS: Light Kvaris Plum

One of the fruits you can obtain in PSO2: NGS is Light Kvaris Plums, but it can only be found in West Kvaris. When you consume a Light Kvaris Plum, your Photon Points (PP) recovery is increased and your cold damage is reduced.

PSO2 NGS: Light Kvaris Plum
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You can also use it to craft Quick Food, which can be made at the Food Stand in Central City, or at any Ryuker Device. Players can add up to 10 ingredients to a single Quick Food recipe, with varying effects.

These effects depend on what ingredients are added to the recipe, what types are added, and in what quantities. You can thus make any Quick Food recipe with Light Kvaris Plums, but you first have to acquire them.

Once the recipe is made, Quick Food can be consumed, and it lasts for approximately 240 minutes. The effects your character receives cannot be cancelled, but it can be overridden by creating another Quick Food.

If you used a Light Kvaris Plum in a Quick Food recipe, and you enjoyed its effects, you can save the recipe as a preset. This allows you to remake it quickly without manually selecting all the ingredients.

You should note that the effects of a Light Kvaris Plum increase if you add a higher quantity to the recipe. It is thus recommended that you use higher quantities of the fruit in a recipe to boost your PP more.

Light Kvaris Plums’ boost effects

The more Light Kvaris Plums you add to a recipe, the stronger its effect will be on your character:

Ingredient Effect 1 plum 2 plums 3 plums 4 plums 5 plums 6 plums 7 plums 8 plums
Kvaris Light Plums Increases your character’s PP +10 +12 +13 +14 +15 +16 +17 +18

If you want to use 3 plums in your Quick Food recipe, you must have 3 plums in your inventory. The same principle applies to the other quantities. It is thus advised that you first gather the material in West Kvaris to get the quantity you need before making the recipe.


As previously mentioned, the effects from the Quick Food depends on numerous features:

Feature Description
Ingredient Players can add an ingredient to grant a corresponding boost. The more of the ingredient you add, the more potent its effect is
Type Every ingredient in the game has a type that is designated by one of 4 prefixes in its name; Robust, Light, Crisp, and Rich. Using at least 4 ingredients of the same type grants a bonus effect to the recipe. As a result, the effect increases in potency
Premium This feature only activates when you have a Premium Set active. Your character’s rare drop rate increases, and you receive additional experience points and Meseta

Fruits in New Genesis

In addition to Light Kvaris Plums, players can gather over 20 types of fruits while exploring the regions in the game. Each fruit has a unique effect on your character:

Fruit Effect
Robust Aelio Banana It increases your PP and your health point recovery
Rich Retem Cherry Consuming this fruit reduces your PPconsumption and increases your character’s PP
Crisp Kvaris Guava It increases your weak point damage and reduces your cold damage
Notable Kvaris Persimmon This rare fruit can be exchanged for items in specific places on the map

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