STFC: Light Years and Echoes

Light Years and Echoes is a new quest that players level 34 and higher can complete in STFC, however, some players cannot find the quest.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), players can encounter the iconic characters, ships and locations from the classic franchise, Star Trek.

It is up to you to complete missions, build ships, explore systems, harvest resources and destroy enemies to progress in the game. One of the missions you can complete is Light Years and Echoes.

Missions in STFC

In order to advance in STFC, players have to follow the main questline of the game. Since these missions are mandatory to complete, you cannot skip them. Main missions are an integrated part of STFC, so it is crucial that you complete them.

Side missions, however, are smaller, optional missions that you may come across while you are completing a main mission. Since they are optional, players can choose whether they want to complete the mission or not.

The rewards for completing a side mission are not always worth it, but you will receive experience points for completing it. We therefore recommend that you complete  side missions when you discover them.

STFC: Light Years and Echoes

Scopely, STFC’s developer, recently released the patch notes for update 54 on Tuesday, 9 May 2023.

This update introduces several new features to the game, including new officers, new missions, the Artifact Gallery and the Delta Quadrant, among other items.

One of the game’s quests is Light Years and Echoes. Players can find these quests in the event menu in STFC, though quest does not qualify as an event. This is a known bug that should be resolved in the near future.

Although it is not an event, it does qualify as a Holodeck mission. The Holodeck is a station that players can build in their base when they have reached level 15, which allows gamers to take on Missions from the most beloved previously-released Arcs.

Even though you only have to be on level 15 to build the Holodeck, you need to be on level 34 to access the Light Years and Echoes quest. If you are yet to reach level 34, you will not be able to obtain the quest.

Once you have the quest, you need to defeat enemies in specific systems, or travel to certain systems, to complete the quest. Keep in mind that the quest has different stages with specific objectives.

For instance, part 6 of the Light Years and Echoes quest informs the player that a Borg probe is located at their base. It is your responsibility to deal with the probe, so you have to return to your base to complete part 6 of the quest.

Light Years and Echoes bug

On the official Discord server, players claim revealed that they cannot find the quest. If you also cannot locate the quest, it may be that you are looking in the wrong place. As previously explained, you need to open the events menu to find the quest.

If you are still unable to find the quest, you may not be at level 34 yet, which means that the quest is not available to you.

Furthermore, players have expressed that STFC crashes when they are completing Light Years and Echoes. Currently, the bug is yet to be resolved, but you can report the bug to Scopely by submitting a ticket.

How to level up quickly

If you are not on level 34 yet, you will not be able to access the Light Years and Echoes quest. Bear in mind that it is not recommended that you level up quickly as you will content.

Instead, it is advisable that you play STFC to progress at a steady pace to ensure that you are not missing  content.

Even if you are progressing at a steady pace, you will still receive experience points and reach the next level. It is highly unlikely that Light Years and Echoes will be removed from STFC, which means that you have enough time to reach level 34 to complete it.


Once you have completed all the stages of Light Years and Echoes, you will be awarded rich rewards. Since this is a new quest, all the rewards that you can receive are currently unknown.

However, on the official Discord server, one player mentioned that he received Voyager Officer Shards for completing the missions.

You can use the officer shards to add new officers to your arsenal, and once they are part of your collection, you can use them to complete missions and harvest resources.

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