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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis launched last June 9, 2021. The game can be played on Xbox and PC (via Steam, Windows 10, and Epic Games Store). New Genesis is an expansion of the popular free-to-play game, Phantasy Star Online 2.

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Basic Information

Application Name Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS)
Release Date June 9, 2021
Genre Action RPG
Supported Device XBOX ONE / Windows10 / STEAM / Epic Games
Price Free-to-Play, with In-Game Purchases
Developer / Publisher SEGA
Official Site Website
Official Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagramTwitch / Discord / YouTube

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      If you’re someone who have never seen or played PSO2 before, to give you a better understanding of the game, and also what you’re going into if you’re going to be trying this free game and also explaining to you why

      PSO2 NGS is the freest to play free to play action online RPG game in the market right now that you can play with your friends all over the world without having to worry about ping.

      Standalone Reboot of the Franchise

      While it is labeled as an expansion of the popular PSO2 game, it should be treated as pretty much its own standalone game. NGS is only sharing its predecessor’s title:

      • The game itself is more or less a reboot of sorts that takes existing pso2 systems and core fundamentals such as fashion and the fluid combat system and mixing it with a new graphically rich ever-changing open world that you can just seamlessly explore.

      Existing PSO2 Players can Transfer all Their Characters and Cosmetics in PSO2 NGS

      Any older or existing players of PSO2 will be able to transfer all their characters in any acquired cosmetic.

      • Old players can also bring even more back-end details such as like ac, sg, friends list, team lists, alliances and everything that you can think of is basically compatible with NGS since it is the same game just with an entire like graphics and gameplay.
      • Everything was overhauled including an economy and also level reset so any new players can play without worrying about catching up.

      Fresh new start

      Everyone is going to be on the same footing whether you’re new old or returning it’s a completely fresh start so everyone can enjoy new genesis together.

      To give you a better idea of the contents available in the game i’ll be splitting this video into a few sections that you can look into number one is explaining the game’s

      Free-to-play Model

      In PSO2 NGS, all of the combat elements and gameplay elements such as your skill trees, weapon skills, class skills, access to all the weapons and swapping classes is completely free.

      In-game, you absolutely do not have to pay any form of microtransaction or do any form of gacha to get any weapons or any skills that would directly relate to your gameplay.

      In other words what this means is anyone who spends exactly zero dollars on the game would have exactly the same gameplay with someone who spent 3,000 USD.

      The main reason is, everything that you can buy in NGS is really just aesthetics and some conveniences. For example:

      • Extra storage space or similar is totally unnecessary. So if you know how to manage your storages and everything just right.
      • All the fashion that you can buy with real-life money is basically tradable on the player market.

      Combat System

      PSO2 NGS features the ability for players to build their own combos with photon arts, which are effectively weapon skills that can be utilized in any order and not fitting into exactly just one combo string.

      So if you have three skills here you can use for example skill one three and two or skills one two and three in the order you’ll also be able to do certain things such as like animation canceling and so on.

      There’s definitely a lot of freedom there that you’ll be able to explore and really just experiment to find what suits your gameplay the most or what suits your situation the most in relative to what your enemies are doing.

      Every weapon is unique in its own way featuring multiple weapon skills and also this unique quirk called the weapon action. The weapon action is a unique weapon mechanic that incorporates the core elements of the classes into the weapons itself.

      • For example, the weapon action for the hunter’s greatsword is a block by holding down the weapon action you can block an enemy’s attack and if you block an enemy’s attack at a perfect time you will instead parry the enemy’s attack and unleash a very powerful counter attack onto the enemy.
      • The ranger’s rifle’s weapon action is a strafe which allows you to fire a few bullets here and there restoring your resource points as well as also giving you a nice repositioning tool or a reactive tool to dodge enemy attacks in addition to this every single weapon also has access to their own unique photon blast the photon blast is a skill gauge that you have to build up by just basically doing damage to the enemies and once it’s full you can unleash an extremely powerful attack.

      These attacks are absolutely devastating so make sure to find the right time to use it.

      The weapons in PSO2 new genesis features the all-new multi-weapon system where you can seamlessly transition between two different weapon types without having to do weapon swaps.

      If the weapon is a part of your main or subclass roster you can use all the actions the weapons can perform this includes all the normal attacks weapon actions even photon arts and photon blasts and this allows for some extremely cool combinations as well for example here imagine playing a rifle.

      World and Exploration

      PSO2 NGS story being set 1000 years after the base PSO2 game the universe has changed. Many things are still unknown to you and to all of us with our two hearings aina and manon finding you as you land on the planet we joined the arks to aid in their battles against the extraterrestrial invaders called the dolls.

      Although not much is known right now about the game’s story we’ll have to play the main game story mode to find out. But for anyone who only plays the game for the gameplay, the story is actually not tied to any progression in the main game at all so it can be enjoyed at any time at your own leisure.

      After all the world of alpha is vast and contains many open fields that let you freely explore discover and fight in many wild environments.

      Fashion and Aesthetics

      Generally after you played just about all the content of like an mmo game and stuff you would always or well many people would always just resort to you know doing fashion and screenshots and stuff and PSO2 is no exception in that.

      In fact, it’s one of the main features of the game there’s always a new fashion catalog once every two or three weeks meaning there’s always new costumes for you to try out.

      The best part about this you don’t have to pay a single cent if you don’t want to because all the items available in the game are also marketable on the player’s market.

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