Warframe: Jade Light

In Warframe, the Orokin used the Jade Light as an executing device for those who opposed the law and defectors.

You are invited to indulge yourself in a modern, fictional world in this free-to-play video game, Warframe. Players can take on the role of a Tenno, which is an ancient race of warriors that have been awoken from a century-long sleep. As a member of the Tenno, it is your responsibility to defeat various enemies on the planetary system.

Like other role-playing titles, Warframe has a main story arc that you can complete to earn rewards. You can also complete an array of side quests that will offer you different rewards once completed. While advancing in the storyline, you may discover the Orokin, who used the Jade Light on various occasions.

Who is the Orokin?

The Orokin was an ancient civilisation that was in control of the Origin System in the distant past. During the Orokin Era, people built technological masterpieces that surpassed present day technology while exercising total dominion over the world.

They used to spend a significant amount of time building large outposts throughout the Origin System. The Orokin also performed several genetic experiments on creatures found on Earth. It was in this era that the Void was discovered.

Even though details about the Orokin are scarce, they are almost entirely responsible for the state of the Origin System.

Warframe: Jade Light
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Warframe: Jade Light

Although Orokin’s advancements were beneficial, they were not shared equally amongst all members of their society. Unfortunately, social repression was implemented and took on many forms, such as restricting access to certain technology and resources.

This was done to the point where serfdom and back-breaking manual labour were common in agriculture, despite the option of industrialisation. Orokin used genetic manipulation to create Grineer Slaves and seized children from their homes to be sold off in Yuvan markets.

Punishments for even the smallest transgressions were brutal and ranged from mutilation to execution with the Jade Light. This item was only used by the Orokin as a means of executing defectors and those who opposed the law.

Even though the specific details of the Jade Light are unknown, it can be assumed that it was a kind of disintegration ray that turned the accused into nothing but dust. The Orokin were known for their unjust, ruthless, and cruel punishments.

This also implied that the Orokin were able to wield the Jade Light in man-portable weapons, such as the Myrmidon. It is alleged that the Jade Light not only destroys the physical body, but the Oro as well, which prevents the executee from resurrecting afterward.

Players can find the execution room on the Orokin Moon tilesets. It is a large room with 7 columns, one for each member of the Seven, and the execution platform is in the middle of the room. The room can spawn on any mission of the Lua tileset, but it is commonly found in Mobile Defence missions.

Who was the Seven?

The Orokin’s judicial body was a council known as The Seven. Presumably, these seven members were of Executor rank and included Ballas, although there was a Congress of Executors in addition to that. Classes beneath them included: Archimedeans, Enginus, Sectarus, and Lorists.

It is unknown to what extent these classes were regarded as Orokin instead of underlings or servants of the Orokin.

Mobile Defence

Mobile Defence is a Mission type that requires players to carry a datamass to 2-3 computer terminals and upload them. Once uploaded at each terminal, you have to defend the area until the hacking is completed.

Unlike normal Defence missions, these tasks require players to defend for a set period of time instead of a set amount of waves. It also allows extraction once all the terminals have been defended and no longer require the datamass.

Bear in mind that the mission will be regarded as unsuccessful if a single terminal is destroyed. There are a total of 23 Mobile Defence missions that gamers can complete, 4 of which take place inside Orokin buildings.

What is a Grineer?

As previously mentioned, Orokin used genetic manipulation to create Grineer Slaves during the Orokin Era. In the modern world, The Grineer is one of the major Factions of the Origin System. They are the first enemies that the newly-reawakened Tenno encountered.

As the products of ancient, half-remembered technology, Grineers are produced instead of being born. Each Grineer is genetically defective to some degree, and as a result, they have a life cycle that is only a fraction of a normal human lifespan. They are also prone to degenerative disorders, including decaying limbs and skin or reduced intelligence.

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