PSO2 NGS: West Kvaris vegetables

In West Kvaris region of PSO2: NGS, players can find Kvaris vegetables, including the Kvaris Carrots, though its location is well hidden.

Gamers are invited to explore the vast open world of Hapha in this imaginative, fictitious game, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS). The game is based on the classic game, Phantasy Star Online 2, and thus, you will likely experience similar aspects.

However, since NGS was released a decade later, you can expect updated mechanics, gameplay, and graphics. As the player, you can assume the role of a Meteron, who is part of the Artificial Relict to Keep Species (ARKS) military force.

It is your responsibility to defeat a powerful enemy known as the DOLLS. During this mission, you will discover various regions, one of which is Western Kvaris, which only features 1 vegetable to gather.


Gathering in PSO: NGS is the act of foraging and mining for unique materials and resources in the vast open world of Halpha. The items you gather can be used to create Quick Food, which can be consumed or used to modify weapons in the Item Lab.

In the game, you can discover different regions, and in each region, you can find unique resources. For example, you can only find the Light Retem Mango in South Retem, while the Rich Aelio Apple can only be found in North Aelio.

PSO2 NGS: West Kvaris vegetables

While exploring West Kvaris, you will discover numerous materials, including Trinite, Pentalite, Blizzardium, and Light Kvaris Plums. However, you can also gather Rich Kvaris Snails and Rich Kvaris Carrots, which is the only vegetable you can gather in the area.

PSO2 NGS: West Kvaris vegetables
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Some players revealed that they are having a difficult time finding carrots in the West Kvaris area, though it is the only vegetable that spawns in the region. To find carrots, players can set their mag to search for vegetables before following it. This method is allegedly bugged.

Carrots can usually be found on the south side of West Kvaris, near the South Kvaris border. Since it is a large area, it is advisable that you search for carrots in the D6 area, but you can also find them in the C6 region.

Alternatively, you can go to the area between the East most Ryuker of West Kvaris and the bottom most Ryuker in the region. It is the first Ryuker you see when entering the area.

Allegedly, the carrots will be at multiple elevations. Each spot in this area apparently has 3 or 4 carrots that you can gather and use.

After obtaining the Rich Kvaris Carrots, you can consume them to benefit from damage resistance while having a reduced Photon Points (PP) consumption. Players’ cold damage is also reduced when they have consumed a carrot. You can also use the carrots to make Quick Food.

Quick Food

Players can make Quick Food using the Food Stand in Central City, or any Ryuker Device. You can add up to 10 ingredients to a single Quick Food recipe, but keep in mind that each recipe you create will have varying effects.

This is because the effects are based on which ingredients were added to the recipe, what types are added, and how much. The more carrots you add to a recipe, the higher the damage resistance will be:

1 carrot 2 carrots 3 carrots 4 carrots 5 carrots  6 carrots 7 carrots 8 carrots 9 carrots 10 carrots
5 percent 7 percent 8 percent 8.5 percent 8.8 percent 9 percent 9.2 percent 9.6 percent 9.8 percent 10 percent

Kvaris region food

There are many materials you can gather while exploring the West Kvaris region. If you combine all the West Kvaris materials into 1 Quick Food recipe, you will benefit from the Region-Match effect.

This means that your character will benefit from a potency to weak point increase of 3 percent, and your PP consumption is reduced by 10 percent.

Moreover, your character’s low temp damage resistance is increased by 30 percent. The region benefit may be different as it is based on which ingredients you chose to make Quick Food.

Other materials to find in West Kvaris

You should note that all the materials you can obtain in the vast open world have unique effects on your character. The table below lists the materials you can find in West Kvaris and their uses:

Material Use
Trinite It is used to unlock Potentials and Limit Breaking at the Item Lab
Blizzardium Players can exchange Blizzardium to get valuable items
Light Kvaris Plum It is used as an ingredient to make Quick Food. Kvaris Plums increases your PP recovery and reduces Cold Damage
Rich Kvaris Snail You can use it to craft Quick Food, and it increases your character’s health points

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