PSO2 NGS: Infernium

Players can farm Infernium in the PSO2: NGS new region, Stia, and it can also be purchased from a trader and the treasure shop.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an exciting video game that combines strategic role-playing elements with tactical battles. The latest update introduced a new mineral called Infernium. Players can farm it and exchange it to obtain other items.

Minerals and Materials

While you are advancing in PSO2: NGS, you will come across a variety of minerals, which are divided into different categories. Enhancement Materials are primarily used to enhance weapons and armour. They can draw out capabilities beyond the items’ limits.

Exchange materials can be converted to N-Meseta, which is PSO2: NGS’ currency. You can also find Miscellaneous Materials, which can be used for exchanging items with Reso in Kvaris.

Furthermore, there are also  badges, tickets, battle triggers, and quest triggers, amongst other things.

There are more than 15 Minerals that you can find in the PSO2: NGS regions. Bear in mind that each mineral has a specific objective and can only be found in certain areas.

PSO2 NGS: Infernium

Infernium is a rare new mineral that can only be found in the Stia region. This mineral can be used to acquire items like a new 8-star weapon series. Once you have Infernium, you can head to a new exchange non-player character who can be found in Stia Camp.

PSO2 NGS: Infernium
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The new 8-star weapon series, called Kouklophis, can be traded with this NPC  for Infernium. In the exchange menu, you will notice that there is an array of Kouklophis weapons available.

It is therefore recommended that you know which weapon your character specialises in before purchasing a new weapon. Although there are different weapons in the Kouklophis series, they share the same features and statistics.

Players can also use their Infernium to purchase Dualble IV items, Arms Refiners, Kouklophis Camos, minerals, C/Alts Secreta IV, and N-EX Cubes amongst other things.

Before you purchase these items, you have to farm Infernium. There are numerous methods that you can use to procure the new mineral. If you do not want to explore the Stia region in order to get Infernium, you can exchange 3 food items with the trade NPC to get it.

You can exchange Famous Stia Mushrooms, Famous Stia Crabs, and Famous Stia Carambola for Infernium. Alternatively, you can open the Treasure Shop where you can purchase Infernium for approximately 20 000 N-Meseta.

Keep in mind, however, that Infernium is not always available in the Treasure Shop. Players can refresh the shop if Infernium is not available.

Infernium locations

If you would rather farm Infernium, you can explore Stia to find Infernium Nodes. The node spawns at a specific location and only during Scorching, Inferno, and Phoenix weather conditions.

When the area’s heat is increasing, you can go to Mediola Outer Area 1, where you will find a big building.

You can find an Infernium Node behind the building in that specific area. Keep in mind that mining this node will only give you 1 Infernium, however, you can visit the spot daily to get Infernium.

Do enemies drop Infernium?

The infinite method of obtaining Infernium is defeating Recon Gigantix and Gigantix enemies. These enemies can be found in the Combat area of Stia. Players can also defeat Gigantix Bosses to procure Infernium, however, these enemies only spawn during storms.

If you are interested in farming Infernium by defeating enemies, you can head to Stia’s arena in the North Western area of the map.

When you defeat an enemy in the arena, another will automatically spawn. This enables you to defeat several enemies without searching for them.

Kouklophis weapon series

The Kouklophis weapon series has an 8-star rating, which signifies that it is one of the most powerful weapons in PSO2: NGS. As previously stated, players can use their Infernium to purchase a Kouklophis weapon.

The basic Kouklophis weapon costs 15 Infernium, and the fix attack 1 weapon costs around 30 Infernium. Although these versions of the Kouklophis weapon can be efficient, it is recommended that you purchase the fix attack 3 version, which costs 200 Infernium.

The weapon’s base attack is 520, though it can be increased to 664, which makes it almost as powerful as the Kaizaar weapon series.

Similarly to other weapons in PSO2: NGS, the Kouklophis weapons can be upgraded. At level 1, the weapon potency increases by 13 percent, while damage resistance is increased by 5 percent.

However, damage resistance and potency are increased by 5 percent and 6 percent, respectively, towards DOLLS.

At level 4, the weapon increases potency by 19 percent, and damage resistance is increased by 5 percent.

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