PSO2 NGS: Katana Braver Guide

The Katana Braver in PSO2: NGS is considered extremely powerful, but its skill combinations can be difficult to understand.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an exciting video game that combines tactical battles with role-playing elements.

Since PSO2: NGS is based on the classic video game, Phantasy Star Online, players will probably experience similar aspects throughout the series. However, NGS was released a decade after its predecessor, so the game has updated graphics and storylines.

NGS is set in the fictional world of Halpha, approximately 1000 years after the Oracle event. Before you can explore the vast, open world, you must create and customise a character.

Players can choose their character’s gender, name, race, facial expression, and class. One of the classes that you can select is Braver, which uses a Katana weapon.

Is it possible to change classes?

There is a possibility that you may want to change classes later on in the game. To change your class, you have to travel to Central City and find a vendor named Croche. She can be found along the main strip under a blue sign.

Croche is the class counter representative, and she can help players with a number of class-related problems. By talking to her, you can change your class, reset your skill trees, change loadouts, and learn class skills, among other things.

In order to change your class, you have to select the “Change Class” option. You will then be met with a list of classes in the game and you simply have to pick which class to change to, and the process will be complete.

PSO2 NGS: Katana Braver Guide
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PSO2 NGS: Katana Braver Guide

One of the classes that your character can be is Braver, which is geared towards combat at any range. They have the ability to seamlessly switch between close and long-range weapons. Although each attack is simple, it hides a deeper complexity.

Similarly to other classes in PSO2: NGS, Bravers can only use specific weapons, which are a Katana and a Bow. Katanas are agile weapons that are ideal for rapid attacks. Katana Photon Art Combinations can be used to carry out a variety of attacks when the same Photon Art is performed repeatedly.

PSO2 NGS: Katana Braver Guide
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When they are using the Guard Weapon action, players can block attacks and negate their damage when Guarding right before the attacks hit them with a Perfect Guard. With this, you can release a counterattack with the skill, Katana Guard Counter.

If you use a Katana, you have access to several Photon Arts:

Photon Art name Description
Silverleaf Storm It releases a forward slash after a swift sword draw. Multiple uses release alternate attacks
Iris Gale This Photon Art mows down nearby enemies after a swift sword draw
Lotus Lightning It releases manifold shockwaves in a straight line after charging your sword

Finisher combinations

There are several combinations of skills that you can use as a finisher, however, some of them are considered better than others.

Firstly, you can activate the triple Photon Arts before you activate your finisher and then select the counter. Once this combination has been performed, you can activate another finisher.

Alternatively, you can perform 3 Photon Arts and then release the Fearless Attitude. Performing the Fearless Attitude allows you to deal the third Photon Art at maximum damage.

What is the best subclass for Braver in PSO2: NGS?

Although players can use any subclass, it is advisable that you use the Force as it has a Photon Points conversion skill. It consumes a health point by a percentage of your maximum health points in exchange for an increased natural Photon Point recovery speed for a set period of time.

Players also benefit from the Eradication Photon Points Gain skill when they use Force as a subclass. This skill recovers your Photon Points when nearby enemies are defeated or drowned.

Having Force as a subclass can be regarded as a Photon Point battery, which allows your Braver character to deal additional damage.

Braver’s playstyle

Although a Braver’s bow can be useful in some situations, most Braver players prefer to play with the Katana as it features higher damage-per-second. Unfortunately, the katana has limited options to use to close the gap on enemies.

None of its Photon Arts have the ability to attack enemies from a distance. The only exception is that normal attacks get a lunge of sorts while Brave Combat is active. Therefore, players have to rely on multi-weapons to engage in combat properly.

Seeing that most Katana players are likely already optimised for melee damage, the Wired Lance weapon set is considered a good fit as it has access to Vane Mixture.

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