PSO2 NGS: Slayer skill tree

There are more than 15 skills in the Slayer skill tree, though PSO2: NGS players have to farm skill points to unlock them.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (PSO2: NGS) is an explorative video game that combines role-playing with tactical battles.

There are several classes in the game, one of which is Slayer. The Slayer class has a unique skill tree that allows you to unlock various abilities.

Slayer Class in PSO2: NGS

The Slayer class was recently added to PSO2: NGS. Gamers who choose the Slayer class use a weapon known as the Gunslash, which functions both as a sword and a gun.

This weapon features Ranged Power as its attack attribute and the damage it deals increases due to the various skills that increase power and the critical rating.

The class’s main play-style focuses on the presence(or absence) of directional inputs that change the behavior of Photon Arts. This feature allows you to adapt as you move between mid-range and close-range combat situations.

PSO2 NGS: April 2023 Update
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PSO2 NGS: Slayer skill tree

All classes, including the Slayer class, have unique skill trees that allow players to unlock additional abilities. There are approximately 20 skills in the Slayer skill tree, each of which unlocks a distinct effect.

Some of the skills in the Slayer skill tree are as follows:

Skill Description
Gunslash Gear Players can increase the Gear Gauge by hitting enemies. Based on the gauge level, your attack power and Photon Points recover from attacks and increases, while the PP Consumption decreases.
Gallant Attack Critical U Increases the Critical Rate when you are attacking bosses.
Short Range Hot Shot When a normal attack hits an enemy at a short range, the power increases, though this only applies to the Gunslash weapon.
Gunslash Overdrive This is an active skill. Once the gear gauge reaches its maximum stage, activating it will use all the gear, which increases the Gunslash Gear effects for a short duration. If you reactivate the skill, it will release a powerful blow.
Gunslash Gear Reset PP Gain This ability recovers PP based on the gauge level when the Gunslash Gear Gauge resets. It only applies to the Gunslash weapon.
Slug Shot If you perform a normal attack after a PA with no directional input, your character will deal a close-range shot.
Unleash Rage This active skill unleashes a powerful blow by consuming the gauge that fills up from PAs and Slash Pursuit attacks.
Moving Slash If you activate the weapon action while dealing a directional input, invincibility frames will occur and change the attack behavior while in motion.

Gunblade class versus Main class

You can select the Slayer class as a main or subclass. However, the skills that you have access to differ as they are based on your decision.

The following table lists the skills of the main class and the Gunblade class:

Gunblade only Main class only
  • Gunblade Focus
  • Short Range Hot Shot
  • Charged Blade
  • Gunblade Focus Gauge Amplifier
  • Slug Shot
  • Relentless Blade
  • Blade Counter
  • Mobile Blade
  • Mobile Blade Counter
  • Gunblade Focus Overdrive
  • Gunblade Focus Critical Up
  • Unleashed Rage
  • Gunblade Focus Overflow
  • Relentless Blade Reinforce
  • Blade Counter Critical Up

What skills do you need?

PSO2: NGS players can choose which skills they want to unlock in the Slayer skill tree. As a main class, we recommend that you increase all the skills in the skill tree, as they can collectively influence your gameplay greatly.

However, you need to add skill points to a skill until it has reached the maximum capacity, as you will receive the most benefits if the skills are fully leveled.

However, the only skill that is not worth investing in is Gallant Attack Critical Up as players will only receive 1 percent for the first 4 levels.

Once you upgrade to level 5, you will only receive 0.2 percent. Instead, you should use those skill points to unlock another skill in the Slayer skill tree.

Skill Points

In order to unlock skills in the Slayer skill tree, you need to collect skill points. Skill points are obtained by completing certain challenges in Cocoons and Towers, which can be found across Halpha.

Every Cocoon provides you with 1 skill point, while Towers generally award you with multiple skill points, based on the challenge and its difficulty level.

In addition to skill points, you will also earn various rewards. Keep in mind that you can repeat the Cocoon and Tower activities to receive rewards. However, you will only be able to claim the skill points that the activities offer once.

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